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Groups Want Medical Debts Deleted From Credit Reports

A group of more than 90 state and national consumer organizations have submitted a petition to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, asking it to issue a rule that would prohibit medical debts from appearing on consumers’ credit reports, if the debts resulted from medically necessary services. Background: The CFPB has …

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White House Announces Medical Debt Crackdown

The White House yesterday outlined an aggressive plan to crack down on “malicious” and “predatory” billing practices related to medical debts, including holding debt collectors “accountable for harmful practices,” while also pledging to have the medical debts forgiven for more than half a million low-income veterans. The announcement is the …

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CFPB ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Medical Debt Credit Reporting Changes, But Chopra Questions Whether CRAs Went Far Enough

While expressing cautious optimism for “certain aspects” of the recent announcements from the three major credit reporting agencies regarding how they will handle medical debts, Rohit Chopra, the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau raised a number of issues and continued to ramp up the rhetoric with respect to …

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