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AHA Pushes Back on Medical Debt Report

The American Hospital Association is fighting back after a report was released last week that said about 15% of all non-elderly adults are carrying some amount of unpaid medical debt, saying that the report failed to mention the underlying root-causes of the problem while also failing “to appreciate the looming …

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Bill Introduced in Illinois to Ease Medical Debt Burden

The Illinois legislature is considering a bill that would require hospitals screen individuals without health insurance before initiating any collection activity while also prohibiting the sale of medical debt. To help advance the legislation and bring attention to the medical debt problem in Illinois, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and …

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15% of All Adults Carrying Past-Due Medical Debt: Study

More than 60% of individuals with unpaid medical bills have been contacted by a collection agency to recover those debts, according to a report released yesterday by the Urban Institute. The report also disclosed than about 15% of all non-elderly adults living in the United States are carrying some amount …

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Hearing Scheduled to Debate Colorado Medical Collection Bill

The Attorney General of Colorado, flanked by members of the state legislature, consumers, and other consumer advocates, yesterday held a news conference in support of their proposed bill that would cap the interest rate on medical debt, establish requirements on medical debt payment plans, and make violations of surprise or …

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Survey Details Medical Debt Issues for Americans

More than one-third of respondents to a survey conducted by the education arm of a financial institution are carrying medical debt, and 82% of those people are having problems paying it off, according to a report highlighting the survey’s findings. For those who have medical debt, 70% said that the …

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