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The Right Way to Hire, Train, and Treat Employees

By now, the importance of empathy in collections has hopefully been drilled into everyone working in the accounts receivable management industry. Treating consumers with respect, dignity, and in a professional manner has become the standard for any legitimate agency that is trying to make it in this world. But are …

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Why Collectors Want to Avoid The “Friend” Zone

There are likely only two outcomes for every collection call. Either a collector creates a connection with a consumer or creates conflict. The goal, obviously, is to create a connection, because that is far more likely to result in a payment than creating conflict ever will. In this episode of …

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Industry Experts Share the Word That Defined 2020 For Them

AccountsRecovery.net asked a number of industry luminaries and experts to complete a seemingly impossible task: Take everything that happened in 2020 and describe it in one word. Here is what they said: Rick Rainho, Kinum Adaptability. When Covid 19 hit and everything was closing, agencies had to adapt and set …

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