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Arizona Group Pushing For Medical Debt Collection Law

After watching medical debt collection laws pass in a number of states this year, including Nevada and Maryland, the accounts receivable management industry might want to pay attention to what is now going on in Arizona, as a ballot initiative has been started to get a “Predatory Debt Collection Practices …

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Senators Ask CFPB to ‘Address’ Medical Debt Collection

A group of Senate Democrats are calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to prohibit reporting medical debt collection tradelines to credit bureaus, further limiting the number of communication attempts beyond what is included in Regulation F, and know whether a consumer is appealing the denial of coverage with his …

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Maryland Healthcare Collection Bill Becomes Law

By virtue of not signing it into law or vetoing it while it sat on the governor’s desk for 30 days, healthcare debt collection legislation in Maryland has become law, which, while not as restrictive as it was when it was introduced, will still require healthcare providers and debt collectors …

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