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Judge Lowers Fee Award in FDCPA Case

A District Court judge in Pennsylvania has lowered the fee award in a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case, almost ending up exactly in the middle between the amount sought by the plaintiff and the amount suggested by the defendant. A copy of the ruling in the case of Bush …

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Judge Dismisses Hunstein Case for Lack of Standing

There are cases where a judge looks at the claims and determines that the plaintiff did not suffer any actual injury and therefore does not have standing to sue. And then there are lawsuits where the plaintiff doesn’t allege to have suffered an injury of any kind, which makes the …

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Judge Denies MSJ in FDCPA Case Over Cease Request

A District Court judge in Pennsylvania has denied a defendant’s motion for summary judgment, ruling that “reasonable juror” could determine that a collector acted with “requisite intent” when it made 12 calls to an individual after being notified that the individual no longer wanted to be contacted about an unpaid …

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