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Should CFPB Stand For Curbing Funding of Portfolio Buying?

Is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau trying to legislate the debt-buying industry through a series of settlements it has reached with participants in this market? It would certainly seem so, especially considering the terms of a settlement announced yesterday between the CFPB and Encore Credit and Portfolio Recovery Associates. Among …

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Debt No-Sale. One Senator’s Misplaced Push To Further Regulate The Debt-Buying Industry

Take a look at this internet URL for a moment: brown. senate. gov/newsroom/press/release/with-thousands-of-ohioans-affected-by-errors-in-their-credit-reports-brown-urges-feds-to-take-action-against-zombie-debts-that-are-no-longer-owed-but-linger-on-credit-reports Now, when it comes to naming most things, shorter is better. And if that were the case, then this URL would probably be among the worst ever. But when it comes to internet headlines, longer is usually …

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Phishing Attack Wreaks Havoc In Debt-Buying Industry

A number of debt buyers have commented that the frequency of phishing attacks on them has increased and, in one case, a virus was running through the industry last week. There was no consensus as to the reasoning behind the increased attacks. Some posited that debt buyers were the focus …

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