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Bedard Breaks Down Sending MVN in Other Languages

America is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. And that means that a lot of the people living here in the United States came from places where English wasn’t the primary language that was spoken. Take me, for instance. Being Canadian, it took a lot for me to learn …

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Bedard Breaks Down Electronic Delivery of Validation Notices

For all of the excitement and possibility that surrounds the area of collectors communicating electronically with consumers via email, text messaging, and other digital channels, one of the areas that collectors tend to shy away from is sending the initial validation notice through such channels. But the Consumer Financial Protection …

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CFPB Releases Spanish Model Validation Notice


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this week quietly released a new update to Regulation F, one that many in the industry had been anxiously awaiting as the countdown to November 30 gets smaller and smaller. The CFPB released a Spanish-language translation of its Model Validation Notice, which collectors can choose …

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Bedard Breaks Down Model Notice’s Optional Disclosures

When it issued Regulation F, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau did not just issue a set of rules that debt collectors absolutely needed to follow. While much of what is included in Regulation F sets forth requirements that are mandatory, the CFPB also gave collectors some latitude to put their …

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Bedard Continues Breakdown of Model Validation Notice

One of the most common questions that has been asked about collectors using the Model Validation Notice put forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Regulation F is, “Can we make any changes to it?” Collectors have asked about adding additional pieces of information, disclosures, or making other changes …

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Bedard Discusses Validation Information Exception

With every rule, there is always an exception and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s debt collection rule, known officially as Regulation F, is no different. When it comes to everything that John Bedard of Bedard Law Group has been talking about recently in episodes of “You Wanted a Rule, You …

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