Hunstein-Related Resource Guide

A copy of the Eleventh Circuit’s ruling in the case — April 21, 2021

A copy of the petition for an en banc re-hearing — May 25, 2021

Amicus Brief – The Print & Mail Coalition — May 27, 2021

Amicus Brief – Florida Creditors Bar Association — May 27, 2021

Amicus Brief – National Creditors Bar Association – May 27, 2021

Amicus Brief – New York State Creditors Bar Association – May 28, 2021

Amicus Brief – Transworld Systems, Alltran Financial, Nationwide Credit, Radius Global Solutions, NGI Acquisitions, Credence Resource Management, Phoenix Financial Services, Pendrick Capital Partners, Affiliate Asset Solutions, Capio Partners, CF Medical, AssetCare, The Law Offices of Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – Revspring – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – Missouri Creditors Bar Association – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Nevada, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia Creditors Bar Associations – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – National Association of Process Servers – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – Consumer Relations Consortium – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – RMA International – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – Third Party Payment Processors Association – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – LiveVox – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – American Bankers Association, American Financial Services Association, Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Consumer Bankers Association, Credit Union National Association, Housing Policy Council, Mortgage Bankers Association – June 1, 2021

Amicus Brief – ACA International – June 1, 2021


Hunstein Update: Deadline to File Petition Extended, More Lawsuits Being Filed – May 7, 2021
Hunstein-Related Class Actions Continue Piling Up – May 4, 2021
Compliance Digest – Comments About First Class-Action Suit Being Filed – May 3, 2021
Webinar Recording: Legal Experts Urge Calm in Face of Growing Number of Hunstein-Related Class Actions – April 29, 2021
Defendant in Hunstein Case Hires New Lawyer, Who Confirms En Banc Petition Will be Filed – April 28,2021
More on Hunstein; En Banc Likelihood, Webinar Recording – April 26, 2021
First Class-Action Suit, post-Hunstein, Filed in N.Y. Federal Court – April 23, 2021
Assessing the Impact of Yesterday’s Ruling – April 22, 2021
Appeals Court Rules Sending Info to Letter Vendor Counts as Communication Under FDCPA – April 21, 2021


What the Letter Vendor Appeals Court Ruling Means For Your Operation

April 23, 2021

The ARM Industry, Post-Hunstein. Legal and Operational Insights

April 28, 2021

The ARM Industry, Post-Hunstein: a Discussion Among Consumer Attorneys

April 29, 2021

So You’ve Been Sued Under Hunstein. Now What?

May 5, 2021

How Agencies Should be Operating in a Post-Hunstein World

May 7, 2021

Assessing Your Operation’s Legal Risks, post-Hunstein

May 18, 2021

Complying with the Hunstein Decision

June 2, 2021

Other 1692c(b) CASES

Data Provided By:

Case NameCase IDDate FiledVenueClass Action?
Colamarino v. Balanced Healthcare Receivables2:21-CV-022144/21/2021EDNYY
Luisi v. C. Tech Collections2:21-cv-021384/21/2021EDNYY
Schultz v. ARStrat2:21-CV-022134/21/2021EDNYY
Romero v. Convergent Healthcare Recoveries2:21-cv-02134/22/2021EDNYY
Cardello v. C. Tech Collections2:21-cv-017234/22/2021EDNYY
Kaur v. C. Tech Collections2:21-cv-021284/22/2021EDNYN
Grogan v. Enhanced Recovery Associates8:21-CV-009664/22/2021MDFLY
Silberman v. Portfolio Recovery Associates7:21-CV-035924/22/2021SDNYY
Everett v. Alpha Recovery Corp.8:21-CV-009734/23/2021MDFLN
Green v. MRS BPO1:21-CV-100684/23/2021DNJY
Medeiros v. Midland Credit Management1:21-CV-215874/23/2021SDFLY
Rizzo v. Aargon Collection Agency2:21-CV-022464/23/2021EDNYY
Schultz v. FirstSource Advantage et al2:21-CV-022444/23/2021EDNYY
Giacomantonio v. Alltran Financial2:21-CV-022474/23/2021EDNYY
Grippi v. The Levinbook Law Firm2:21-CV-022644/23/2021EDNYN
Johnson v. Aargon Collection Agency2:21-CV-022654/23/2021EDNYN
Kirby v. Law Offices of Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates et al8:21-CV-009784/23/2021MDFLN
Marchese v. Professional Claims Bureu2:21-CV-022634/23/2021EDNYY
Rodriguez v. FBCS2:21-CV-022484/23/2021EDNYY
Rodriguez v. D&A Services of IL et al2:21-CV-022494/23/2021EDNYN
Norvell v. First National Collection Bureau5:21-CV-005794/26/2021NDALY
Brown v. First Financial Investment Fund Holdings1:21-CV-017164/26/2021NDGAN
Chavez v. Professional Claims Bureau2:21-CV-101834/26/2021DNJY
Pagan and MohamadESX-L-3325-214/26/2021Essex County, NJY
Wolfson v. Balanced Healthcare Receivables2:21-CV-022894/26/2021EDNYY
Berry v. The Law Offices of Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates4:21-cv-005844/26/2021NDALY
Alfonso v. Convergent Outsourcing1:21-CV-216264/27/2021SDFLY
Cuevas v. Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group2:21-CV-003404/27/2021MDFLY
Eddleman v. Convergent Outsourcing2:21-CV-005974/27/2021NDALN
Thomas v. Second Round Sub7:21-cv-015464/27/2021SDNYY
Kastern v. Financial Recovery Services3:21-CV-002734/27/2021WDWIY
Kroub v. Financial Recovery Services1:21-CV-022984/27/2021EDNYY
Kroub v. C.Tech Collections1:21-CV-023074/27/2021EDNYY
Moore v. AllianceOne Receivables Management0:21-CV-608954/27/2021SDFLY
Silberstein v. Receivable Solutions7:21-CV-037214/27/2021SDNYY
Smekodub v. ARS National Services1:21-CV-023044/27/2021EDNYY
Stergakos v. I.C. System2:21-CV-023124/27/2021EDNYY
Thomas v. GTNout 2 et al8:21-CV-010024/27/2021MDFLN
Valentin v. Portfolio Recovery Associates4:21-CV-005984/27/2021NDALY
White v. Midland Funding et al1:21-CV-023014/27/2021EDNYY
Gonzalez v. Midland Credit Management1:21-cv-022574/27/2021NDILN
Martin v. Midland Credit Management1:21-cv-022634/27/2021NDILN
Ratliffe-Horton v. Southwest Credit Systems2:21-CV-019414/28/2021EDPAY
Campbell v. National Enterprise Systems3:21-CV-002874/28/2021WDWIY
Matthews v. ARS National Services1:21-cv-022774/28/2021NDILN
Jackson v. Allied Account Services2:21-cv-023524/28/2021EDNYY
Borges v. Jefferson Capital Systems1:21-CV-216454/29/2021SDFLY
Tarazona v. LVNV Funding et al5:21-CV-002344/29/2021MDFLN
Badger v. Monarch Recovery Management1:21-CV-017844/29/2021NDGAN
Bishop v. Optio Solutions1:21-CV-017874/29/2021NDGAN
Everett v. Radius Global Solutions8:21-cv-010204/29/2021MDFLN
Campbell v. Alltran Financial3:21-CV-002884/29/2021WDWIN
White v. Alltran Financial1:21-CV-023794/29/2021EDNYY
White v. United Collection Bureau1:21-CV-023824/29/2021EDNYY
Badger v. Credit Corp Solutions1:21-CV-018044/30/2021NDGAN
Ciccone v. Sentry Credit, Inc. & Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio2:21-cv-024304/30/2021EDNYY
Bryant v. Capio Partners3:21-CV-000664/30/2021NDGAN
Carmichael v. Convergent Outsourcing3:21-CV-105144/30/2021DNJY
Feist v. Arcadia Recovery Bureau5:21-CV-020154/30/2021EDPAY
Folsom v. Resurgent Capital Services5:21-CV-002384/30/2021MDFLY
Guessford v. Afni1:21-CV-001484/30/2021SDMSY
Ovitsh v. National Enterprise Systems1:21-CV-023954/30/2021EDNYY
Scott v. First National Collection Bureau5:21-CV-001514/30/2021MDGAN
Boscaino v. Jefferson Capital Systems2:21-cv-024234/30/2021EDNYY
Ciccone v. Cavalry Portfolio Services2:21-cv-024284/30/2021EDNYY
Ciccone v. Credence Resource Management2:21-cv-024294/30/2021EDNYY
Ciccone v. Sentry Credit2:21-cv-024304/30/2021EDNYY
Suarez v. Revco Solutions1:21-cv-216775/3/2021SDFLY
Suarez v. Portfolio Recovery Associates1:21-cv-216775/3/2021SDFLY
Clark Nabozny v. Optio Solutions3:21-cv-002975/3/2021WDWIY
Coulter v. Accurate Recovery Solutions2:21-cv-020545/4/2021EDPAY
Evans v. Jefferson Capital Systems5:21-cv-002785/4/2021SDWVY
Dias v. Enhanced Recovery Company 3:21-cv-004845/4/2021MDFLY
Hernandez v. TrueAccord2:21-cv-038045/52021CDCAN
Nicholson v. ARStrat2:21-cv-025105/5/2021EDNYY
Perez v. Phoenix Financial Services1:21-cv-217225/5/2021SDFLY
Powers v. Portfolio Recovery Associates8:21-cv-010835/52021MDFLY
Adams v. Financial Recovery Services1:21-cv-025225/6/2021EDNYY
Adams v. MRS BPO1:21-cv-0252245/6/2021EDNYY
Lewis v. Portfolio Recovery Associates4:21-cv-000735/6/2021MDGAY
Lewis v. FMA Alliance4:21-cv-000745/6/2021MDGAY
Lewis v. Valor Intelligent Processing4:21-cv-000755/6/2021MDGAY
Andre v. Enhanced Recovery Company8:21-cv-011085/6/2021MDFLY
Steward v. National Enterprise Systems5:21-cv-002525/6/2021MDFLY
Prevette v. Professional Claims Bureau1:21-cv-025605/7/2021EDNYY
Williams v. Radius Global Solutions2:21-cv-109545/7/2021DNJN
Ellis v. MLR Solutions2:21-cv-025925/8/2021EDNYY
Ford v. Alpha Recovery Corp.2:21-cv-025875/8/2021EDNYY
Ford v. Client Services, Inc.2:21-cv-025885/8/2021EDNYY
Ford v. Consumer Adjustment Company2:21-cv-025895/8/2021EDNYY
Ford v. Dynamic Recovery Solutions2:21-cv-025905/8/2021EDNYY
Guthrie v. McCarthy Burgess & Wolf2:21-cv-025915/8/2021EDNYY
Lavone v. Credence Resource Management1:21-cv-019655/8/2021NDGAY
Marshall v. Collecto1:21-cv-025855/8/2021EDNYY
Rodriguez v. Credit Control2:21-cv-025845/8/2021EDNYY
Andre v. Credit Control8:21-cv-011395/11/2021MDFLY
Andre v. Firstsource Advantage8:21-cv-011405/11/2021MDFLY
Durling v. Credit Corp Solutions0:21-cv-610025/11/2021SDFLY
Seffar v. Financial Business & Consumer Solutions0:21-cv-610005/11/2021SDFLN
Anderson v. Unifin1:21-cv-020095/11/2021NDGAN
Anderson v. Synergetic Communications1:21-cv-020115/11/2021NDGAN
Brown v. Diaz & Associates1:21-cv-020105/11/2021NDGAN
Barton v. Resurgent Capital Services8:21-cv-011445/12/2021MDFLY
Boevingloh v. Midland Credit Management2:21-cv-041045/12/2021WDMON
Dixon v. Americollect4:21-cv-001465/12/2021SDGAN
Lee v. New Era Asset Management3:21-cv-010805/12/2021NDTXN
Whitman v. Law Offices of Adam J. Katz3:21-cv-007565/12/2021NDFLN
Peltonen v. Merchants’ Credit Guide Co.3:21-cv-003225/12/2021WDWIY
James v. GC Services1:21-cv-025795/12/2021NDILN
Velezmoro v. Portfolio Recovery Associates2:21-cv-003795/13/2021MDFLY
Boscaino v. Portfolio Recovery Associates2:21-cv-026995/14/2021EDNYY
Cole v. National Enterprise Systems1:21-cv-020675/14/2021NDGAN
Ellis v. Frost-Arnett Co.2:21-cv-027025/14/2021EDNYY
Ford v. LVNV Funding2:21-cv-027045/14/2021EDNYY
Johnson v. Collection Bureau of The Hudson Valley3:21-cv-009245/14/2021SDCAN
Spry v. First National Collection Bureau4:21-cv-001555/14/2021SDGAN
Lopez v. Portfolio Recovery Associates5:21-cv-004725/14/2021WDTXY
Chavez v. Synergistic Communication4:21-cv-005705/15/2021EDMON
Neumann v. Professional Claims Bureau2:21-cv-027375/15/2021EDNYY
Roeder v. Asset Recovery Solutions2:21-cv-027415/15/2021EDNYY
Roeder v. Firstsource Advantage2:21-cv-027445/16/2021EDNYY
Syrett v. Jefferson Capital2:21-cv-027465/16/2021EDNYN
Washington v. C.Tech Collections2:21-cv-027475/16/2021EDNYN
Washington v. Convergent Outsourcing2:21-cv-027485/16/2021EDNYY
Washington v. Simm Associates2:21-cv-027505/16/2021EDNYY
Washington v. Professional Claims Bureau2:21-cv-027495/16/2021EDNYY
Frangione v. GC Services8:21-cv-011935/17/2021MDFLY
Hendricks v. Select Portfolio Servicing4:21-cv-000545/17/2021CDUTN
Miller v. Avanteusa2:21-cv-003525/17/2021MDALN
Moore v. TrueAccord3:21-cv-008935/17/2021MDPAN
Roeder v. Cavalry Portfolio Services2:21-cv-027595/17/2021EDNYN
Hood v. Resurgent Capital Services2:210-cv-0922705/18/2021EDPAN
Goins v. Orion Portfolio Services8:21-cv-012145/19/2021MDFLN
Iacuone v. NCB Management Services9:21-cv-809055/19/2021SDFLN
Alonso v. Portfolio Recovery Associates0:21-cv-610635/20/2021SDFLN
Rivera v. MRS BPO0:21-cv-610655/20/2021SDFLN
Rosenberg v. MRS BPO1:21-cv-028655/20/2021EDNYY
Almeida v. Radius Global Solutions6:21-cv-008855/20/2021MDFLY
Rosenberg v. ARS National Services1:21-cv-028695/20/2021EDNYY
Pena v. ARS National Services1:21-cv-045715/21/2021SDNYY
Dickinson v. Windham Professionals1:21-cv-021425/21/2021NDGAN
Hesse v. Midland Credit Management4:21-cv-005915/21/2021EDMOY
Keiger v. Portfolio Recovery Associates1:21-cv-218995/21/2021SDFLN
Sazonoff v. Frontline Asset Strategies0:21-cv-012645/21/2021DMNY
Levine v. Credit Collection Services1:21-cv-002475/24/2021EDTXN
Eddleman v. Southwest Credit Systems2:21-cv-007215/24/2021NDALN
Ruiz v. Midland Credit Management3:21-cv-009775/24/2021SDCAY
Ashkenazi v. Paramount Recovery Systems3:21-cv-117265/25/2021DNJY
Badger v. Carson Smithfield1:21-cv-021775/25/2021NDGAN
Thomas Ensign v. ARStrat2:21-cv-043485/25/2021CDCAN
Sazonoff v. National Credit Adjusters6:21-cv-011425/25/2021DKSY
Sputz v. Alltran Financial1:21-cv-046635/25/2021SDNYY
Tannenbaum v. Caliber Home Loans9:21-cv-809295/25/2021SDFLY
Barwick v. Berman & Rabin2:21-cv-006595/26/2021EDWIY
Handler v. FirstSource Advantage1:21-cv-029735/26/2021EDNYY
Lapinski v. Global Credit & Collection Corp.9:21-cv-809375/26/2021SDFLY
Lawrence v. First National Collection Bureau6:21-cv-008145/26/2021DORY
Mallard v. Jefferson Capital Systems0:21-cv-611085/26/2021SDFLN
McIntosh v. Alltran Financial8:21-cv-012845/26/2021MDFLN
Rosenberg v. FBCS1:21-cv-029715/26/2021EDNYY
Becker v. Credit Collection Services2:21-cv-118295/26/2021DNJY
Kivo v. Credit Control Services2:21-cv-029855/26/2021EDNYY
Levine v. ARS National Services1:21-cv-002545/26/2021EDTXN
Levine v. Ad Astra Recovery Services1:21-cv-002555/26/2021EDTXN
Dunlap v. Radius Global Solutions1:21-cv-021965/26/2021NDGAY
Turner v. Nationwide Recovery Service1:21-cv-022005/26/2021NDGAY
Whitmer v. Frost-Arnett 1:21-cv-021925/26/2021NDGAY
Dunlap v. Portfolio Recovery Associates1:21-cv-022305/27/2021NDGAN
Lawrence v. Credence Resource Management6:21-cv-008195/27/2021DORY
Sazonoff v. Simm Associates1:21-cv-007735/27/2021DDEY
Zepeda v. Ceteris Portfolio Services1:21-cv-004735/27/2021WDTXY
White v. Radius Global Solutions1:21-cv-030185/27/2021EDNYY
Everett v. Affiliate Asset Solutions8:21-cv-013085/28/2021MDFLN
Noonkester v. Capital Management Holdings4:21-cv-007005/28/2021NDTXN
Viridis v. National Check Resolution1:21-cv-013245/28/2021DMDN
White v. Credit Control1:21-cv-030685/28/2021EDNYY
Trudeau v. United Collection Bureau2:21-cv-112825/29/2021EDMIN
Cavalry SPV I, LLC v. Adam M. Spiegel*20 M4 5574Cook County, ILY
*– Counterclaim

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