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How to Stop Surprise Medical Bills

There have been a number of reports published recently detailing the surprisingly large medical bills that individuals have received after receiving treatment at a hospital. There was the story of the emergency room doctor who was billed $30,o00 for life-saving treatment after suffering an injury while surfing. There was the …

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N.J. Legislature Tackles Medical Debt With New Measures

The New Jersey state legislature is tackling medical debt in a new law that was signed last week and a separate bill that has been introduced in the state Assembly. Last week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed Assembly Bill 2039, the “Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability …

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RCM Group Lobbies FCC For Updates to TCPA

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management is renewing its push to get the Federal Communications Commission to grant a petition that was filed more than two years ago to update the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to widen the types of companies that are covered under the law. A copy of …

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