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RIP Medical Debt Profiled on NBC Nightly News

The increasing number of television stations that have been turned into debt buyers as a means of forgiving medical debt for individuals in their viewing areas has caught the attention of NBC News, which conducted an interview with Craig Antico, the co-founder of RIP Medical Debt, during last night’s newscast. …

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Hospitals Marking Up Cancer Treatments, Medicare Records Show

Individuals receiving outpatient services for cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, are more likely to be billed as much as six times what Medicare will cover, according to an analysis conducted by a cancer surgeon. Dr. Martin Makary, a professor of health policy at the Johns Hopkins University School of …

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Expert: Healthcare Billing is Broken

The healthcare system is so broken that individuals are telling one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers that they simply wait for a letter from a collection agency and that tells them what needs to be paid when it comes to their medical bills. The medical billing process has become …

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