#REPRESENT 7-in-7 20-cv-6016 22-cv-00149 22-cv-00154 22-cv-00381 22-cv-00591 22-cv-00595 22-cv-01033 22-cv-01076 22-cv-01227 22-cv-01250 22-cv-01502 22-cv-01589 22-cv-01707 22-cv-01931 22-cv-02025 22-cv-02276 22-cv-02639 22-cv-02692 22-cv-02767 22-cv-03272 22-cv-03684 22-cv-04198 22-cv-04507 22-cv-04719 22-cv-05887 22-cv-06084 22-cv-07424 22-cv-09289 22-cv-262 22-cv-1068 22-cv-2037 22-cv-10127 22-cv-22900 22-cv-22967 22-cv-23731 22-cv-30128 22-cv-62074 23 N.Y.C.R.R. 1.3(b) 23 NYCRR 1 23-0528 23-cv-00012 23-cv-00013 23-cv-00043 23-cv-00045 23-cv-00074 23-cv-00285 23-cv-00304 23-cv-00392 23-cv-00456 23-cv-00615 23-cv-00988 23-cv-01065 23-cv-01070 23-cv-01169 23-cv-01527 23-cv-10429 23-cv-10460 23-cv-60339 24-357 24e Fitness v. Internal Credit Systems 227(b)(1) 227(b)(1)(A) 227(b)(1)(A)(iii) 501(r) 523(a)(8) 632.7 1006 1006.(c)(3) 1006.6 1006.6(e) 1006.10 1006.14 1006.14(b) 1006.14(h) 1006.18 1006.22 1006.26 1006.30 1006.30(a) 1006.34 1006.34(b) 1006.34(b)(5) 1006.34(c)(2) 1006.34(c)(3) 1006.34(c)(4) 1006.38 1006.42 1006.100 1006.104 1006.108 1006/14 1099-C 1099C Disclosure 1681(i) 1681a 1681b 1681b(a) 1681c 1681c(a)(4) 1681e(a) 1681e(b) 1681g 1681i 1681i(a) 1681n 1681o 1681s-2 1681s-2(a) 1681s-2(b) 1681s-b(2) 1682e(b) 1682s-2(b)(1) 1691i(a)(5) 1692 1692 e(5) 1692(a)(2) 1692(c) 1692(g)(b) 1692a(5) 1692a(6) 1692b(2) 1692b(3) 1692c 1692c(3) 1692c(5) 1692c(a)(1) 1692c(a)(2) 1692c(a)(3) 1692c(b) 1692c(c) 1692d 1692d(1) 1692d(2) 1692d(5) 1692d(6) 1692e 1692e(1) 1692e(2) 1692e(2)(A) 1692e(3) 1692e(4) 1692e(5) 1692e(5) 1692e(8) 1692e(7) 1692e(8) 1692e(9) 1692e(10) 1692e(11) 1692e(14) 1692f 1692f(1) 1692f(4) 1692f(8) 1692g 1692g(a) 1692g(a)(1) 1692g(a)(2) 1692g(a)(3) 1692g(a)(4) 1692g(a)(5) 1692g(b) 1692i 1692i(a) 1692k(c) 1692s-2(b) 1788.17 1982e 2018 Shutdown 2019 2020 A.2382 AAHAM Aargon Agency Aaron's Aaron Reiter AB430 Ab 1020 AB 1754 Abhijit Chowdhury Abigail Pressler Absolute Resolutions Absolute Resolutions v. Citigroup Abusive Acts or Practices ACA International ACA v. FCC Access Funding Account Control Technology Account Management Systems ACE Cash Express ACH Transaction ACLU ACPAC Acquisition Acquisition of Location Information Acro Services ACT Holdings Action Collection Agency ADA Adam Freeland Adam Parks Adams v. Hillcrest Davidson & Associates Additional Fees and Costs Adkins & Short v. Midland Credit Management Adler v. Penn Credit Adonizio v. Credit Control Services Adrienne Harris Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Advisory Opinion Affirm Affordable Care Act Afterpay Age Discrimination Age Discrimination in Employment Act Aguilar v. Mandarich Law Group Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja Airespring Ajit Pai Akabis Akeela White Alan Clayton Alan Hochheiser Alcazar Networks Alec Tilley Alexandra Ichim Alex Azar Alex Miller Credit Repair Alex Villafranca Alicia Sundstrom AlixPartners Alliant Capital Management Allied Interstate Allied Wallet Allison v. Wells Fargo Bank Almada v. Krieger Law Firm Almeida v. N.A.R. Altman v. Zwicker & Associates Alvaro Bedoya Alyssa Johnson Amanda Griffith Amanda Payton Amazon Amber Russo AMCA Ameet Goyal American Bankers Association American Bankruptcy Institute American Consumer Rights Organization American Data Privacy and Protection Act American Express American Fair Credit Council American Medical Collection Agency American Profit Recovery American Recovery Services American Rescue Plan American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Americans for Financial Reform Americans with Disabilities Act AMG Capital Management v. Federal Trade Commission Amherst Amherst and Associates Amicus Brief Amorah v. Equifax Information Services & TransUnion Data Solutions Amy Mertz Brown Amy Ringler Rountree Amy Stratz Analysis Anderson v. Capio Partners and CF Medical Anderson v. Credit One Bank Anderson v. I.C. System Andrea Joy Campbell Andrew Fanelli Andrew Schwartz Andrew Shaevel Andrew Smith Angela Burdorf Anglin v. Merchants Credit Corp. Angulo v. Truist Bank Anne Thomas Annmarie Buchanan Annmarie Vogelgesang Annual Report Anthem Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force Anti-SLAPP Anti-Spoofing Penalties Modernization Act Apex Advising API App Appeals Apple Applied Innovation Appropriations Arbeit Arbeit Software Arbitration Arbitration Fairness for Consumers Act Ari Derman Arizona Arlington Capital ARM Compliance Business Solutions ARM M&A Deal Talk Arora v. Diversified Consultants Arriaza v. Experian Information Solutions ARStrat Article III Artificial Intelligence Arvato Financial Solutions Asbury v. Credit Corp. Solutions Ashish Masih Ashley Campanella Ask The Credit Reporting Expert Aspen Institute Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn Asset Recovery Associates Asset Recovery Group v. Wilson-Codega Assigned Claim AT&T ATDS Atkins v. Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group Atlantic Credit and Finance Atomic Attorney's Fees Attorney's Fees & Costs Attorney General of Minnesota Attorney General of Virginia Attorney Reference Attorney Representation Attorneys' Fees Attorneys General Attunely Audish v. American Express Audra Funk Augustine v. Hilliard Austria v Alorica Auto Finance Auto Loans Automatic Funds Transfer Services Avangrid Avant Avanti Bakane Avid Telecom Avila v. Riexinger & Associates Avina v. Qualia Collection Services Aylix Jensen B&B Funding LLC Babanawo v. Automated Collection Services Background Check Bad Debt Balance Billing Ballad Health Balto Bampoky v. Daubert Law Firm Banerjee v. Nationwide Recovery Services Bangiyeva v. Financial Recovery Services Bank Failures Bank of America Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Virginia Barbara Barron Barclift v. Keystone Credit Services Barcode Barker v. Midland Credit Management Barnes v. Midland Credit Management Barnett v. Bank of America Barnett v. First National Bank of Omaha Barron & Newburger Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants Barry v. Ally Financial Barton Law Group Bassett v Credit Bureau Services Batterman v. BR Carroll Bay Area Credit Service Bay Area Legal Aid v. Achievable Solutions et al Bayside Capital Services BBB BBBB Bonding Corp. v. Kiara Caldwell BCFP Beam Software Becvar v. DCN Holdings Bedard Law Group Beedle v. Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland Bender v. Elmore & Throop Ben Navarro Berger v Weltman Weinberg & Reis Berkeley College Bernard v. I.C. System Berrian v. Midland Credit Management Best Egg Beth Conklin Betsy DeVos Better Business Bureau Better Future Forward Betty Montgomery Beyond Green Solutions Bhanti v. The Collection Law Firm Bianco v. Midland Credit Bibbs v. TransUnion Biden Administration Biener v. Credit Control Services Bilek v. Federal Insurance Company Bill Billing Statement BillingTree Billups v. I.C. System Billy Rue Bipartisan Budget Act Bjornsdotter v. Suttell & Hammer Blackmon v. Ad Astra Recovery Services Blaine Luetkemeyer Blaise v. Transworld Systems Blank Rome Blockchain Bobbie Blue Bob Deter Bob Ferguson Bob Hackett Bogatschow v. CF Medical Bona Fide Error Bona Fide Error Defense Boomerang Employees Bordeaux v. LTD Financial Services Borden v. eFinancial Borrower Defense to Repayment Bostic v. Michael Andrews & Associates Bouye v. Bruce Boyd Gentry Brandley Hansen Branum v. Midland Credit Management Braun v. Relin Goldstein & Crane Breeze Brent Yarborough Brett Soldevila Brewer v. The Law Offices of Mitchell D. Blum & Associates Brian Charles McKenzie Brian Elrod Brian Koziel Brian Leclerc Brian Striker Brian Williams Brightspeed Solutions Brit Suttell Brown v. Alltran Financial Brown v. CACH & Unifin Brown v. Department of Education Brown v. I.C. System Brown v. TransUnion et al Bruce v. American Honda Finance Corp. Brunett v. Convergent Outsourcing Bryan Schneider Bryan v. Everest Receivable Services Buchholz v. Meyer Njus Tanick Buckmelter v. Credit Control Buffalo Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Burlington Financial Group Bush v. LVNV Funding Butela v. Midland Credit Management Butler v. Market View Buy Now Pay Later C.M. Financial Services Cadena & Gonzalez et al. v. Customer Connexx & Janone California California Appeals Court California Attorney General California Consumer Financial Protection Law California Consumer Privacy Act California Consumer Protection Act California Debt Collection Task Force California Health Care Foundation California Privacy Protection Agency California Supreme Court Call Blocking Caller ID Call Filter Call Frequency Caps Call Recording Camel Coins Campbell v. LVNV Funding Campbell v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Campbell v. Puget Sound Collections Cancer Candidly Cansler v. Vidant Medical Group et al. Capio Capio Funding v. Rural/Metro Operating Company Capital Accounts Capital One Card Surcharge CardX v. Derek Schmidt CareCredit Caren Enloe CARES Act Carl Briganti Carlos Ortiz Carrie Finney Carroll v. Medicredit Carter v. Capital Link Management Carter v. IC System Cascade365 Casey Simmons Cash America West Catherine Calko Catlett v. Integra Credit Cavalry Portfolio Services Cavazzini v. MRS Associates & Crown Asset Management CBE Group CCFPL CCPA CDC CDIA Cease Communication Request Cedar Cedar Rapids Center for Biological Diversity Center for Law and Social Policy Center for Plain Language Center for Responsible Lending Centers for Disease Control Central Portfolio Control Cerner Certification CFPB CFPB Cost-Benefit Analysis CFPB Funding CFPB Medical Debt Collection CFPB Pay Fairness Act of 2021 CFPB Stability Act of 2022 CFPB v. Active Network CFPB v. All American Check Cashing CFPB v. Armond Aria and Global Financial Support CFPB v. BrightSpeed Solutions CFPB v. Consumer First Legal Group CFPB v. Douglas MacKinnon CFPB v. Fair Collections & Outsourcing CFPB v. FDATR CFPB v. Forster & Garbus CFPB v. Law Offices of Crystal Moroney CFPB v. The National Collegiate Master Student Loan Trust et al CFPB v. TransUnion CFPB v. United Debt Holding et al CFPB v. Universal Debt & Payment Solutions CFPB v Commonwealth Equity CFPB v Ocwen Chad Echols Chadwick v. Bonneville Billing & Collections Chaga v. Simon's Agency Chain of Title Chai v. National Enterprise Systems Chamberlain v. Crown Asset Management Chamber of Commerce et al v. CFPB Chandler v. First National Collection Bureau Chandler v. NCB Management Services Chantel Wonder Chapman v. AA Action Collection Co. Charge-Off Charity Care Charles Smith Charles Stanley Chatbot Chatman v. MiraMed Group Chavanne v. Erie Insurance and Second Look Chavis et al v. Blibaum & Associates Cheatham v. Adams Check Security Associates Cheek v. Gurstel Law Firm Chegg Child Tax Credit Chisom v. Afni Choice Money Transfer Choice v. Unifund CCR Chowdhury v. Midland Credit Management Chris Carr Chris Dunkum Chris Meier Chris Morris Chris Repholz Christie v. Contract Callers Christina Tetreault Christine Emello Christine Rolfes Christine Wilson Christopher Di Re Christopher Gonzalez Christopher Lyell Christy Barger Chuck Dodge Chuluunbat v. Experian Information Solutions Chuluunbat v. Weltman Weinberg & Reis Church v. Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley Ciccone v. Cavalry Portfolio Services CID Cindy Yaklin Circuit Court for the State of Wisconsin Circuit Court of Cook County Citibank Citizens Advice Civil Investigative Demand Civil Justice Civil Rights Act Clarke v. Hunter Warfield Clarke v. McCabe Weisberg & Conway Clark v. Client Services Clark v Global Solution Biz Class-Action Class Action Class Certification Class Certification - Denial Clayton Banner and Associates Clik2pay CMS Financial Group CMS Services Coastal Financial LLC Coast Professional Cohen v. GC Services Limited Partnership Colamarino v. Balanced Healthcare Receivables Colbert v. National Credit Systems Coleman v. Heartland Resolution Group & Pendrick Capital Partners CollaborationRoom.ai Collateral Consequences Resource Center Colle Collection Advantage Collection Letter Collection Litigation Collection Professionals v. McDonough District Hospital Collier v. Smith Rouchon & Associates Colorado Colorado Department of Law Consumer Credit Unit Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Colorado FDCPA Colorado Privacy Act Colorado Student Loan Equity Act Colorado Student Loan Servicers Act Comings & Goings Comment Commercial Collection Agencies of America Community Financial Services Association and Consumer Service Alliance of Texas v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Community Health Systems Community Service Society Compensation Competition Competitive Enterprise Institute Complaint Complaint Database Compliance Update Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act Condition Code Conference of State Bank Supervisors Congress Congressional Review Act Conifer Connecticut Connecticut Department of Banking Connecticut Medical Financial Services Consent Consent Order Conserve Constellation Software Constitution Consumer Advisory Board Consumer Advocacy and Protection Society Consumer Advocates Consumer Bankers Association Consumer Behavior Consumer Complaint Database Consumer Complaints Consumer Credit Fairness Act Consumer Data Industry Association v. Frey Consumer Debt Consumer Debt Definition Consumer Definition Consumer Discount Company Act (CDCA) Consumer Financial Protection Act Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Consumer Financial Protection Circular Consumer Insight Consumer Protection Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee Consumer Protection for Medical Debt Collections Act Consumer Reports Consumer Reviews Consumer Sentiment Consumer Spending Continental Central Credit Convenience Fees Convergent Convergent Outsourcing Cooper v. Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau Cooper Walker Corinthian Colleges Cornerstone Support Corporate Advisory Solutions Cortez v. Forster & Garbus Costs of Healthcare Court Debt Court Debts Court of Appeal for the State of California Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals for the First Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals For the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Court of Common Pleas - Cuyahoga County Ohio Court of Lancaster County COVID COVID-19 Cowans v. Equifax Information Services & TransUnion Data Solutions Cowgill v. First Data Technologies and Fiserv Solutions CPLR 214-i Craig Cunningham Craig Manseth Crandall v. Miller & Stevens Cranor v. 5 Star Nutrition Creager v. Columbia Debt Recovery Creasy v Charter Communications Credence Global Solutions Credit Credit Acceptance Corp. Credit Bureau of Jonesboro Credit Card Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act Credit Card Debt Credit Card Payments Credit Cards Credit Card Spending Credit Card Surcharges Credit Control Credit Karma Credit One Bank v. Hestrin Credit One v. Lieberman Creditor Identification Credit Repair Cloud Credit Repair Organizations Credit Reporting Credit Reporting Language Credit Scores Credit Service Company Credit Specialty Service Credit Union National Association Creech v. Navient Critical Resolution Management Cross v. Equityexperts.org Crowder v. Andreu Palma Lavin & Solis Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics Crown Asset Management CS/SB 1120 CSBS CSO Financial CSS Impact Cupp v. First National Collection Bureau Current Creditor Cushion Customer Experience Cyber Attack Cybersecurity D&A Services Dablan v. CMRE Financial Services Daikoku Marketing DAKCS Software Systems Dale Golden Dana Nessel Daniel Bloomgarden Daniel Crenshaw Daniel Kaufman Daniel McCusker Daniel Portilla Jr. Daniel Rosen Daniels v. Select Portfolio Servicing Dan Medina Danske Bank Dara Tarkowski Dark Patterns Darren Turco DART Act Data Data Breach Data Brokers Data Collection Data Privacy Act Data Security Dave Aglira Dave Uejio David et al. v. CenturyLink et al. David Kaminski David Reid David Schultz David Shaver David Speed David Weimer David White David Williams Davis v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Daye v. GC Services Partnership DBA International DCM Services De'reek Banks Dean Tucci Dean v. Biggs & Greenslade Debexpert Deborah Ann Butler Debt Burden Debt Buying Debt Collection Advisory Committee Debt Collection Examination Procedures Debt Collection Lawsuits Debt Collection Licensing Act Debt Collection Litigation Debt Collection Practices Harmonization Act Debt Collection Rule Debt Consolidation Debt Definition Debtle Debt Management Partners Debtmaster360 Debt Notification Debt Parking Debt Relief Debt Relief Services Debt Settlement Debtsy Deceased Collections Decedent Debt Collection Deficiency Balance Delaware Deleting Tradelines Delinquency Rates Delta County Memorial Hospital v. Industrial Claims Appeal Office Delta Outsource Group Deltracon Demand progress Demarattes v. Enhanced Recovery Co. Demarquis v. Alorica Demographics Denan v. TransUnion DeNicolo v. Hertz Corp. et al Denise Dunckel Dennis Barton Department of Consumer and Worker Protection Department of Education Department of Financial Protection Department of Financial Protection and Innovation Department of Justice Derek Hollis Dervitz v. ARS National Services DFPI Diallo v. ProCollect Diane Stamataletos Diann Jenkins Dietz v. Med-1 Solutions Digital Engagement Dillard v. FBCS DiNaples v. MRS BPO Discover Bank Discover Products Discrimination Dispute Dispute Codes Disputed Debt Dispute Investigation Dispute Language Dispute Notice Dispute Removal Disputes District Court for Nebraska District Court for Southern District of Florida District Court for Southern District of Indiana District Court for the Central District of California District Court for the Central District of Illinois District Court for the District of Alaska District Court for the District of Arizona District Court for the District of Colorado District Court for the District of Columbia District Court for the District of Connecticut District Court for the District of Delaware District Court for the District of Hawaii District Court for the District of Kansas District Court for the District of Maryland District Court for the District of Massachusetts District Court for the District of Minnesota District Court for the District of Nebraska District Court for the District of Nevada District Court for the District of New Jersey District Court for the District of Oregon District Court for the District of Puerto Rico District Court for the District of Rhode Island District Court for the District of South Carolina District Court for the District of South Dakota District Court for the District of Utah District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas District Court for the Eastern District of California District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri District Court for the Eastern District of New Yorj District Court for the Eastern District of New York District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania District Court for the Eastern District of Texas District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia District Court for the Eastern District of Washington District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin District Court for the Middle District of Alabama District Court for the Middle District of Florida District Court for the Middle District of Georgia District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee District Court for the Northern District of Alabama District Court for the Northern District of California District Court for the Northern District of Florida District Court for the Northern District of Georgia District Court for the Northern District of Illinois District Court for the Northern District of Indiana District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi District Court for the Northern District of Missouri District Court for the Northern District of New York District Court for the Northern District of Ohio District Court for the Northern District of Texas District Court for the Northern District of Virginia District Court for the Southern District Court for the Southern District of California District Court for the Southern District of Florida District Court for the Southern District of Georgia District Court for the Southern District of Illinois District Court for the Southern District of Indiana District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi District Court for the Southern District of New York District Court for the Southern District of Ohio District Court for the Southern District of South Carolina District Court for the Southern District of Texas District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia District Court for the Western District of Arkansas District Court for the Western District of Kentucky District Court for the Western District of Louisiana District COurt for the Western District of New York District Court for the Western District of North Carolina District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania District Court for the Western District of Tennessee District Court for the Western District of Texas District Court for the Western District of Virginia District Court for the Western District of Washington District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin District Court of Nevada District of Arizona District of Connecticut District of Massachusetts District of Montana District of New Jersey Diversified Consultants Diversity Dixon v. Jefferson Capital Systems DMB Financial DNF Associates Document Assist Center Donald Donagher Don Clementi Donini v. Midland Credit Management Don Maurice Donna Roy DO NOT Call Act Do Not Call Registry DoNotPay Don Siler Dorado Systems Dotson v. Ad Astra Recovery Services et al Dotson v. Enhanced Recovery Co. Douglas MacKinnon Douglass v. Convergent Outsourcing Doug Peterson Dr. Howard Beales Dr. Thomas Durkin Drazen v. Godaddy.com Drechen v. Rodenburg Drew Sacher Dukes v. LVNV Funding Dunn v. Professional Debt Mediation Durkin v. Equifax Durling v. Credit Corp Solutions Dustin Alonzo Duvall v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Dynamic Collectors Dynamic Legal Recovery Eady v. United Collection Bureau Earnings Eastern District of Missouri Eastern District of Pennsylvania Ebisu Marketing Echols v. Cavalry Portfolio Services Echols v. Congress Collection Echols v. Premiere Credit of North America Economic Data Economic Freedom Study Economy Edfinancial Edmonson v. Brennan & Clark Edouard v. Unifin Education Department Edwin Fujinaga EEOC EEOC v. AscensionPoint Recovery Services EFTA Eickenroth v Roosen Varchetti & Oliver Eighth Circuit Electronic Communication Electronic Funds Transfer Act Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Elisa Jillson Elizabeth Warren Elva Krantz Elyssa Klenotiz email Email Opt Out Emma Gonzalez Employee Benefit Research Institute Employee Development Employee Satisfaction Employee Survey Employer-Driven Debt Employer Benefits EmpoweredNYC En Banc En Banc Petition Encore Encore Capital Encore Capital Group Ending Debt Collection Harassment Act of 2021 Endres v. UHG I LLC Enforcement Enforcement Action Enhanced Recovery Company Enova International Envelope EOS North America Epps v. Fair Collections & Outsourcing Equifax EquityExperts.org ERC Ergas v. Eastpoint Recovery Group Eric Blankenstein Eric Halperin Eric Johnson Eric Kaplan Eric Troutman Erie Meyer Ernest Francis Esposito v. Nations Recovery Center Estrada v. The Moore Law Group Ethan Ostroff Evans et al. v. Ocwen Loan Servicing Evans v. Merchants and Medical Credit Corp. Eviction Moratorium Evictions Evory v. RJM Acquisitions Funding Ewing v. Med-1 Solutions Examination Procedures Exemption Laws Expansion Experian F&F Management Facebook Facebook v. Duguid Faehner v. Webcollex Faherty v. D&A Services Faherty v. Rubin & Rothman Failure to State a Claim Fair Access Rule FAIR Act Fair Credit Reporting Act Fair Credit Reporting for Servicemembers Act Fair Debt Collection Improvement Act Fair Debt Collection Practices for Servicemembers Act Fair Labor Standards Act Faith Winter False-Name Exception False Claims Act Family and Medical Leave Act Fansler v. Messerli & Kramer FAQ Farmer v. Optio Solutions FAST Act Fay Servicing FBCS FCC FCCPA FCRA FCRA Investigation FDCPA FDCPA Report FDIC Fed Cetera v. National Credit Services FedChex Federal Federal Advisory Committee Act Federal Communicat Federal Communications Commission Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Family Education Loan Federal Reserve Bank of New York Federal Reserve Board Federal Student Aid Federal Trade Commission Fee Crackdown Fees-on-Fees Feist v. Arcadia Recovery Bureau Felberbaum v. Mandarich Law Group Felerbaum v. Sequium Asset Solutions & LVNV Funding FFAM360 FFEL FFIEC Fickel v. Clearwater Credit Union FICO Fifth Circuit Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Filing Fees Financial Assistance Financial Credit Network Financial Credit Service Financial Data Financial Institution Customer Protection Act of 2021 Financial Results Financial Well-Being Fintech Finvi First-Party Collections First American Funding LLC First American National LLC First Call Processing FirstCash First Circuit Court of Appeals First Collection Services First Financial Asset Management Firstsource Solutions First Technology Federal Credit Union v. Trojan Fleming v. Oliphant Financial Fleming v. ProVest California FLOCK Finance Flores v. Debski & Associates Flores v. Frost-Arnett Florian Otto Florida Florida Collectors Association Florida Creditors Bar Association Florida Legislature Florida Supreme Court Floyd v. Navient Solutions Flywire Fogel v. Enhanced Recovery Co. Fontaine v. Resurgent Capital Services Fontana v. HOVG LLC Footnote 7 Forbearance Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act of 2022 Ford v. UHG I Foreclosure Forward Flow Foster v. National Recovery Agency Fountain v. Cawley & Bergmann Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Frangione v. GC Services Limited Partnership Frank Gebase Franklin Moss & Associates Franklin v. Navient Frank Vandersloot Frederick v. The Law Office of Fox Kohler & Associates Frequent Filer Frias v. Patenaude & Felix Friend v. CACH Frontline Asset Strategies Frost-Arnett FTC FTC v. Absolute Financial Services FTC v. National Landmark Logistics FTC v RCG Advances Full Circle Financial Services Furnishing GAO Garland v. Orlans Garnishment Garnishment Jurisdiction Garret Angelo Garrett v. Financial Business and Consumer Solutions Gartner v. AR Solutions Gartrell v. J.J. Marshall & Associates Gaston v. Finance System of Toledo Gatchalian v. Atlantic Recovery Solutions GC Services Gebreseralse v. Columbia Debt Recovery General Accountability Office Generation Z George Simons Georgia Fair Business Practices Act Gerald Lewis Gericke v. Truist Getting to Know GFPBA Giannini v. Financial Recovery Services Giannini v. United Collection Bureau Gigi Sohn Gilbert v. I.C. System Gilbert v. I.C. Systems Gilbert v. TrueAccord Gina Eggebrecht Ginny Rodriguez Gino de Paz Glasser & Glasser Glassine Window Glawe v. Carpenter Hazlewood Delgado & Bolen Glick v. CMRE Financial Services Global Connect Global UC GoFundMe Golden Scaz Gagain Golden v. HIggins Benjamin Goldman Sachs Gonzalez v. Allied Collection Services Google Gordon Aylworth and Tami Gordon Beck Gordon Engle Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani Gordon v. Admin Recovery Gordon v. United Medical Recovery Gov. Glen Youngkin Gov. Ralph Northam Government Accountability Office Government Collections Gowens v. Credit Control Grace de Paz Granite State Management and Resources Greater Chautauqua FCU & Boulevard FCU & Greater Niagara FCU v. Hon. Lawrence Marks Great Lakes Green America Greenberg Sada & Moody Greenlight Office Solutions GreenSky Green v. Americollect Green v. Forster & Garbus Green v. InDebted Green v. Smith Debnam Drake Saintsing & Myers Gregg v. SN Servicing Greg MacKinnon Greg Meyer Gregory Winters Greifman v. Client Services Gross v. CitiMortgage Growth Guessford v. Afni Guidance Gulf Coast Collection Bureau Gurstel Law Firm Guy Cuomo Guzman v. I.C. System Gwen Gullicksen Gwiazda v. LVNV Funding H.312 H.R. 408 H.R. 773 H.R. 1165 H.R. 1313 H.R. 1491 H.R. 1521 H.R. 1671 H.R. 1773 H.R. 2547 H.R.2668 H.R.5484 H.R.5714 H.R. 6320 H.R. 6409 H.R. 6814 H.R. 6882 H.R. 7530 H.R.7919 H.R. 8076 H.R. 8334 H.R. 8729 H.R. 8985 H.R. 9224 H.R. 9272 H. Res. 1364 Hammoud v. Experian Information Solutions Hancock v. I.C. System Hankerson v. Nationwide Capital Services Hankins v. PRA Group Hanrahan v. Statewide Collection Service Harold Wickline Harris v. Equifax Information Service Harry Strausser Hart v. Simon's Agency Harvest Strategy Group Hatcher v. Collecto Hatchett v. Financial Business and Consumer Solutions Hawaii Hayley Sherman HB21-1198 HB565 HB 573 HB694 HB 1051 HB 1616 HB 2617 HB 2719 HB 7412 Head v. Citigroup Healthcare Healthcare Affordability Healthcare Billing & Collection Practices Healthcare Collections Healthcare Debt Healthcare Legislation Healthcare Prices Healthcare Pricing Healthcare Rising Arizona Healthcare Spending Health Insurance Hearing Hearn v. Comcast Cable Communications Heath Morgan Heerema v Forster Garbus & Garbus Heidell Pittoni Murphy & Bach Heinz v. Carrington Mortgage Services Helen Mac Murray Helen MacMurray Hello Digit Hello Hello Miami Henry v. Convergent Outsourcing Hernandez v. Oliphant Financial Hershkowitz v. Arstrat HESC/Edfinancial HF6 HHS Hinshaw & Culbertson HIPAA Hiring Hiring Tips Hiring Trends Hirschman v. DCM Services Hoffman v. Transworld Systems Hoke Nagahori Holliday v. U.S. Bank et al. Holmes-Mergucz v. Cellco Partnership Holmes v. Crown Asset Management Homaidan v. Navient Hooper v. Midland Funding Hopkinson v. Equifax Information Services Hopkins v Collecto Horizon Technology Horton v. Convergent Outsourcing Hotei Marketing House Bill 1039 House Bill 1285 House Financial Services Committee House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis HOVG Hoyos v. Equifax Information Services & TransUnion Hrdlicka v. Bruce Huber v. Simon's Agency Huggins Marbury & Parson v. Leuder Larkin & Hunter Hughes v. Certified Credit & Collection Bureau Hunstein Hunstein v. Preferred Collection and Management Services Huntington Debt Holding Hurtser v. Specialized Loan Servicing Hussey v. Equifax Information Services et al Hustedt v. Hunter Warfield Hybrid Remote Work Schedules Hylan Asset Management Hyundai Capital America IC System Idaho Patient Act Identity Theft Illinois Illinois Consumer Fraud Act Illinois Department of Financial Regulation Imagined.Cloud Incentive Award Income Driven Repayment Income Share Agreement Income Tax Returns InDebted Independent Community Bankers of America Indiana Industry Advocacy Inflation Information Security Ingersoll v. Brandsness et al. Ingram v. Experian Information Solutions et al Initial Communication Inovatec Inspector General for Tax Administration Insurance Integrity Advance Intelligent Contacts Interactions Interest Disclosure Interest Rates Internal Revenue Service Interpretive Rule InterProse Investigation Investment Invoice Fast Track Iowa iPayX IRS Irwin Bernstein Itemization Date Itemization Table Itemized Debts IT Security ITT Technical Institute J.J. Marshall & Associates J. Mark McWatters Jaber v. Complete Payment Recovery Services Jack Brown Jack Brown III Jack Gordon Jacklin v. Enhanced Recovery Service Jack Remondi Jackson v. I.C. System Jacob Adamo Jacob Bach Jacquelyn DiCicco Jake Cahan JAMA Network Open James Carnes James Kvaal James Mastriani James Steeley James v. Puget Sound Collections and State Collection Service James Ward Jamie Welsh Jan Schakowsky Jan Singlemann Jan Stieger January Janzen v. PRA Group Jaramillo v. National Credit Systems Jared Polis Jason Harrington Jason Hiland Jason Miyares Jason Tompkins Jawad Nesheiwat Jean Noonan Jeff DiMatteo Jeff Freedman Jeffrey Turner Jeff Sovern Jelena McWilliams Jenkins v. LTD Financial Services Jennifer Whipple Jenny Felts Jeremy Mapes Jessica Klander Jessica Rosenworcel Jim Beck Joann Needleman Jobs Job Training Joe Biden Joe Gelbard Joel Tucker Joe v. Capital Link Management John Barrett John Bedard John Fredrickson John Keatley John Lee Group & Associates John Marees John McNamara John Monaco John Preston Thompson John Redding Johnson v. Afni et al. Johnson v. Columbia Debt Recovery Johnson v. Harley-Davidson Financial Services Johnson v. Harris & Harris Johnson v. Hunter Warfield Johnson v. I.C. System Johnson v. NPAS Solutions Johnson v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Johnson v. Suttell and Hammer Johnson v. TrueAccord Johnson v. Waypoint Resource Group John Steven Huffman Johnston v. Monterey Financial Services John Watson JOLTS Jonathan Braun Jonathan Floyd Jonathan Hoffmann Jonathan Prince Jonathan Robbin Jon Balon Jon Mazzoli Jon Purizhansky Jordan McWilliams Jormandy Joseph Bella Joseph Ciffa Joseph Onwuteaka Joseph SImons Josh Foreman Josh Shapiro Josh Stein JPay JPL Recovery Solutions JPMorgan Chase JR Trowbridge JTM Capital Management Judd Peak Judge Aleta Trauger Judge Alexander McVeagh Judge Allison Claire Judge Allyne Ross Judge Alvin W. Thompson Judge Andrea R. Wood Judge Andrew Austin Judge Andrew Carter Judge Andrew M. Edison Judge Andrew P. Rodovich Judge Andrew S. Hanen Judge Anita Brody Judge Ann Aiken Judge Ann M. Donnelly Judge Anthony Ishii Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein Judge Barbara Moses Judge Beth Bloom Judge Beth Labson Freeman Judge Brett Ludwig Judge Brian A. Jackson Judge Brian Cogan Judge Brian Martinotti Judge Bridget Meehan Brennan Judge Camille L. Velez Rive Judge Catherine Blake Judge Catherine C. Eagles Judge Catherine Perry Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo Judge Cathy Seibel Judge Cecilia Altonaga Judge Celeste F. Bremer Judge Chad Kenney Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell Judge Charles B. Goodwin Judge Charles Kocoras Judge Charles Siragusa Judge Charlotte N. Sweeney Judge Christine P. O'Hearn Judge Christopher Boyko Sr. Judge Christy Criswell Wiegand Judge Ciarlene Edwards Honeywell Judge Cindy K. Jorgenson Judge Claire C. Cecchi Judge Claria Horn Boom Judge Corey Maze Judge Cynthia Rufe Judge Dabney Freidrich Judge Dale A. Kimball Judge David G. Larimer Judge David J. Hale Judge David N. Hurd Judge David Russell Judge David T. Reilly Judge David W. Dugan Judge Dora Irizarry Judge Douglas Rayes Judge Edgardo Ramos Judge Edmond E. Chang Judge Eduardo V. Rodriguez Judge Edward M. Chen Judge Elaine E. Bucklo Judge Elizabeth Dillion Judge Elizabeth Dillon Judge Elizabeth Wolford Judge Emily Marks Judge Eric F. Melgren Judge Eric Komitee Judge Eric Tostrud Judge Esther Salas Judge Evelyn Padin Judge Frank Geraci Judge Franklin Valderrama Judge Frank P. Geraci Jr. Judge Frank Volk Judge Freda Wolfson Judge Gary Brown Judge Gary Feinerman Judge George B. Daniels Judge George Hazel Judge Gerald McHugh Judge Gerald Pappert Judge Gershwin A. Drain Judge Gloria Navarro Judge Gregory A. Presnell Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove Judge Harry Leinenweber Judge Harvey Bartle Judge Haywood Gilliam Judge Hector Gonzalez Judge Henry Autrey Judge Henry Wingate Judge Herman Johnson Jr. Judge Hildy Bowbeer Judge Holly L. Teeter Judge Howard Neilson Judge Iain D. Johnston Judge Indira Talwani Judge J. Campbell Barker Judge J. Michael Seabright Judge J.P. Stadtmueller Judge J. Phil Gilbert Judge J. Randal Hall Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley Judge James A. Teiborg Judge James Bredar Judge James L. Graham Judge James L. Robart Judge James Mahan Judge James Munley Judge James Patrick Hanlon Judge James Peterson Judge James R. Knepp II Judge James Sweeney II Judge James T. Moody Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson Judge Jeffrey Helmick Judge Jeffrey Schmehl Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown Judge Jennifer L. Thurston Judge Jeremy D. Peterson Judge Jill N. Parrish Judge Joann Seybert Judge John Antoon II Judge John Broomes Judge John Coughenor Judge John Coughenour Judge John D. Love Judge John F. Kness Judge John G. Koeltl Judge John Gargiulo Judge John Lee Judge John Michael Vazquez Judge John O'Donnell Judge John R. Adams Judge John R. Tunheim Judge John Robert Blakey Judge John Ross Judge John Tharp Judge John Tuchi Judge Jon P. McCalla Judge Jorge Alonso Judge Jose E. Martinez Judge Joseph A. Anderson Jr. Judge Joseph Bataillon Judge Joseph F. Leeson Jr. Judge Joseph Rodriguez Judge Joshua D. Wolson Judge Joshua M. Kindred Judge Juan R. Sanchez Judge Julie A. Robinson Judge Julien Xavier Neals Judge Karen Marston Judge Karen Nelson Moore Judge Kari Dooley Judge Katharine S. Hayden Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle Judge Kenneth M. Karas Judge Kenneth Marra Judge Kent J. Dawson Judge Kevin McNulty Judge Kim Gibson Judge Kiyo Matsumoto Judge Lashann Dearcy Hall Judge Lauren King Judge Laurie Smith Camp Judge Lawrence J. Vilardo Judge Lee H. Rosenthal Judge Lee Rudofsky Judge Leslie G. Foschio Judge Lila Statom Judge Lisa Godbey Wood Judge Loretta Biggs Judge Loretta Preska Judge Louis Guirola Jr. Judge Lucy H. Koh Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala Judge Malachy Mannion Judge Manish Shah Judge Marco Hernandez Judge Marc T. Treadwell Judge Mark Goldsmith Judge Mark Pittman Judge Mark Walker Judge Martin Reidinger Judge Marvin Aspen Judge Maryellen Noreika Judge Mary M. Rowland Judge Mary S. McElroy Judge Matthew Brookman Judge Matthew Kennelly Judge Matthew McFarland Judge Max O. Cogburn Judge Michael A. Shipp Judge Michael Hegarty Judge Michael J. Juneau Judge Michael J. McShane Judge Michael M. Mihm Judge Michael McShane Judge Michael R. Barrett Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald Judge Mitchell Goldberg Judge Morgan Christen Judge Nancy G. Edmunds Judge Nancy J. Rosenstengel Judge Nelson S. Roman Judge Nicholas Ranjan Judge Noel L. Hillman Judge Nora Barry Fischer Judge Norman A. Mordue Judge Norman K. Moon Judge Ona T. Wang Judge Otis D. Wright II Judge Pamela Chen Judge Pamela Pepper Judge Patricia A. Seitz Judge Patrick Bumatay Judge Paula Xinis Judge Paul Borman Judge Paul Crotty Judge Paul Watford Judge Pedro Colon Judge Peter J. Messittee Judge Philip M. Halpern Judge Philip Simon Judge R. Stan Baker Judge Raag Singhal Judge Rachel P. Kovner Judge Rebecca B. Connelly Judge Rebecca Grady Jennings Judge Reed O'Connor Judge Ricardo Martinez Judge Richard Boulware Judge Richard D. Bennett Judge Richard L. Young Judge Roanne L. Mann Judge Robert Blakey Judge Robert Conrad Judge Robert Dawson Judge Robert Dow Judge Robert Drain Judge Robert K. Bryan Judge Robert Lasnik Judge Robert Miller Judge Roberto A. Lange Judge Robert Scola Judge Robert W. Lehrburger Judge Robin J. Cauthron Judge Roderick C. Young Judge Rodney D. Reuter Judge Rodney Smith Judge Rodolfo Ruiz II Judge Roger Benitez Judge Ronald A. Guzman Judge Ronald M. Dow Jr. Judge Ronnie Abrams Judge Roslyn O. Silver Judge Rya W. Zobel Judge Salvador Mendoza Jr. Judge Samuel Mays Jr. Judge Sandra Feuerstein Judge Sara Darrow Judge Sara Ellis Judge Sarah Evans Barker Judge Sarah Morrison Judge Scott H. Rash Judge Sean F. Cox Judge Sharion Aycock Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman Judge Sharon Ovington Judge Sheila K. Oberto Judge Sheri Polster Chappell Judge Shirley Padmore Mensah Judge Sim Lake Judge Stacie F. Beckerman Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis Judge Stephanos Bibas Judge Stephen Clark Judge Stephen Crocker Judge Stephen Murphy III Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. Judge Stephen Wilson Judge Steve C. Jones Judge Steven C. Seeger Judge Steven Grimberg Judge Susan Richard Nelson Judge Susan Wigenton Judge Tana Lin Judge Tanya Walton Pratt Judge Taryn A. Merkel Judge Ted Stewart Judge Tena Campbell Judge Terrence G. Berg Judge Theresa L. Springmann Judge Thomas L. Ludington Judge Thomas M. Durkin Judge Thomas Schroeder Judge Thomas Zilly Judge Tim Baker Judge Timothy J. Corrigan Judge Tom Barber Judge Troy Nunley Judge Victor Bolden Judge Vincent Briccetti Judge Virginia Kendall Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington Judge Vjjohn V. Acosta Judge W. Scott Hardy Judge Wendy Beetlestone Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright Judge William Alsup Judge William Conley Judge William Griesbach Judge William Jung Judge William M. Skretny Judge William M. Stickman Judge William Martini Judge Yvette Kane Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers Judgment Judgment as a matter of law Judgments Judy Gray Judy Young Julie Gonzales June Coleman Junk Fees Junzo Suzuki Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana Justin Russell Kaetz v. Educational Credit Management Corp & Equifax & TransUnion & Experian Kahn v. D&A Services Kahn v. United Collection Bureau Kaiser Family Foundation Kaiser v. Cascade Capital Kaitlyn Filippi Kale v. ProCollect Kansas Counselors Karen Andre Karen Kelly-Braem Karl Racine Kasheesh Kasten v. LVNV Funding Katabat Katherine O'Brien Kathleen Kraninger Kathy Hochul Kathy Kraninger Katie Borchers Katie Keich Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck Keep Financial Keeping Evictions Off Credit Reports Act Keishi Ikeda Keith Barthold Keith Ellison Keller v. Client Services Keller v. LVNV Funding & Resurgent Capital Services Keller v. Northstar Location Services Kelli Krueger Kelly Feoli Kelly Knepper-Stephens Kelly Parsons-O'Brien Kelsi Hamilton Kenneth Aldrich Kentucky Bankers Association Kershner v. Hillcrest Davidson & Associates Kertzner v. Convergent Outsourcing Kevin Epstein Kevin Howard Kevin Stephenson Kevin Thomas Kevin Welsch Keystone Recovery Group Khimmat v. Weltman Weinberg & Reis Kimberlie Cline Kim Pham Kim Phan Kinnick v. Med-1 Solutions Kirstin DeMaio Kirtz v. TransUnion et al. Klarna Klein v. Forster & Garbus Klein v. The Affiliated Group; Credit Management Kline v. Fishman Group Klock v. United Collection Bureau Klotz v. Celentano Stadtmauer and Walentowicz Knight v. AR Resources Koalaty Pay Kohli v. Independent Recovery Resources Kola v. Forster & Garbus Kotobuki Marketing Kottler v. Gulf Coast Collection Bureau Kristen DeFiore Kristen Donoghue Kristen Rowles Kristi Loyer Kristyn Leffler Kriya Capital Krueger v. Experian Information Solutions & Cenlar Kwame Raoul Kyle Nelson LabCorp Laboratory Corporation of America Laccinole v. MRS BPO Laccinole v. Rausch Sturm LaDonna Bohling Lahu v. I.C. System Lako v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Lamirands v. Fay Servicing Lamm v. FMS Landmark Strategy Group La Posta Tribal Lending Enterprise Large Companies Large Print Disclosures Larry Laskey Larry Parks Late Fees LaTisha Tarrant Laufer v. Acheson Hotels Laura Jensen Lauren Burnette Lauren Campisi Lauren Friedman Lauren Saunders Lauren Valenzuela Laurie Nelson Lavallee Lavallee v Med-1 Law & Order Law Offices of David M. Katz Lawrence Bartel Lawson v. Michigan First Credit Union Lawsuit Lawsuits Layoffs LD 511 LD 737 Lead Express Leah Strickland Leandra English Least Sophisticated Consumer LeBoon v. DS Waters of America and Collection Bureau of America Lee-Madeline Dowls Lee Jundanian Lee v. Medicredit Lee v. Midland Credit Management Legal Action Legal Action of Wisconsin Legal Financial Obligations Legal Services Corp. LegalStream Legislation LendingTree LendUp Loans Lenzini v. DCM Services Lerner v. The Valley Hospital et al Leslie Bender Leslie Herod Leszcynski v. D&A Services Letitia James Levins v. Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group Levy & Associates Lewis v. Sole Lexington Law Group Leyse v Bank of America Lezark v. I.C. System Libre by Nexus License Licensing Lichtner v. Bureau of Accounts Control Lightfoot v. Aisen Gill & Associates and Clark County Collection Service Limited-Content Message Limited English Proficiency Lina Khan Linda Dameron Linda Jun Linda Lacewell Lindenbaum v. Realgy Lindenbaum v Realgy Lindsay Demaree Lisa Scoggins Liu v. MRS BPO Livevox LiveVox HCI Lizarraga-Davis v. Transworld Systems Location Information Lockhart Morris & Montgomery Logos Capital Systems Lollis v. Southwest Credit Systems Long et al. v. University of Kentucky et al. Loraine Lyons Lorelei Salas Lori Quinn Louis v. Desh Law Lowe v. FBCS Loyhayem v. Fraser Financial and Insurance Services Lubbock County LucentPay Lueck v. The Bureaus and Stoneleigh Recovery Associates Lunch Debt Lupia v. Medicredit Lutes v. Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co. Lutz v. Portfolio Recovery Associates LVNV Funding LVNV Funding v. Andrade-Garcia M&A Machine Learning Machol & Johannes Mack v Resurgent Capital Services Madden v. Midland Funding Mader v. Experian Information Solutions Madlinger v. Enhanced Recovery Company Madlinger v Lyons Doughty & Veldhuis Magdy v I.C. System Maine Mainstream Media Maintaining Access to Essential Services Act of 2021 Major Question Doctrine Makayla Hussey Makela v. Experian Information Solutions et al Make the Universities Pay Act Making Ends Meet Makyla Moody Maldonado v. Credit Control Services Malone Frost Martin Malware Mandarich Law Group Mandatory Arbitration Manny Newburger Manuel Alvarez Mao v. Global Trust Management et al Marat Lerner Marcam Associates Marc Dann Marc Fishman Marc Gracie Marcus Brown Marian Sangalang Markakos v. Medicredit Mark Anthony Smith Mark Brnovich Market Street Debt Partners Mark Gray Mark Heleen Mark Herring Mark Lesinski Mark M. Miller Mark Naiman Mark Neeb Mark Ravanesi Mark Wolfe Marlette Holdings Martinez v. Integrated Capital Recovery Martin Lyon Watts Morgan Martin v. Teleperformance Maryland Maryland Appeals Court Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Act Maryland Consumer Loan Law Maryland Consumer Protection Act Mary Shores Mary Shores Communications Massachusetts Massachusetts Calling Limits Law Massachusetts Division of Banks Matera Materiality Matos v. Business Law Group and LM Funding Matteo v. EOS USA Matthew Berumen Matthias v. Tate & Kirlin Matthias v. Tate & Kirlin Associates Matt Inscore Matt Kiefer Matt Maloney Mattson v. New Penn Financial Maura Healey Maura Healy Maxim Maximov Maximus Mayhall v. MRS BPO McAdory v. M.N.S. Associates and DNF Associates McAllister v. Lake City Credit McCarthy v. Receivable Recovery Services McClain v. American Credit Resolution McClellan v. Patenaude & Felix MCDCA McDermott v. Perfection Collection LLC McGee v. State Collection Service McKay Bird MDCPA Meaningful Attorney Involvement Mediation Medicaid Medical Credit Cards Medical D Medical Debt Medical Debt Collection Medical Debt Credit Reporting Medical Debt De-Weaponization Act Medical Debt Forgiveness Medical Debt Relief Medical Debt Relief Act Medicare Medley v. DISH Network Meduit Meeks v. Equifax Information Services Megan McDonell Meier v. Allied Interstate Melinda Lee Melissa Nash Melody Armstrong Mercado & Lopez v. I.Q. Data International et al Merchant Category Code Merhulik v. Weltman Weinberg & Reis Merrick Garland Metacorp Metomic Michael Jeselnik Michael Klutho Michael Lamm Michael Lansky Michael Meyer Michael Zomcik Michele Shuster Michigan Michigan Collection Practices Board Michigan Court of Appeals Michigan Justice for All Commission Mickey Putman Mick Mulvaney Microbilt Middle District of Florida Middle District of Pennsylvania Middle District of Tennessee Midland Credit Management Midland Credit Management v. Sipple Midland Funding Miguel Cardona Mike Colby Mike Etmund Mike Frost Mike Hiller Mike Iacobucci Mike Lesher Mikhael v. Credit Corp Solutions Miles v. Medicredit Milisavljevic v. Midland Credit Management Military Lending Act Militiev v. Wakefield & Associates Millennials Miller v. Crisis Collection Management Miller v. Midland Credit Management Mills v. Nationwide Recovery Service Mindy Chumbley Minimum Wage Minnesota Minnesota Department of Commerce Misleading Representation Mississippi Missouri Creditors Bar Association Mitchell v. Specialized Loan Servicing Mitch Williamson Miterin v. Global Payment Check Services Mladenov v. R1 RCM MMA Mobile Life Support Services Mobley v. St. Luke's Health System Model Validation Notice Mohammad “Moe” Diab MOHELA Mohnkern v Equifax Information Services et al Molina v. TransUnion Monarch 716 MoneyGram Payment Systems Monica Littman Monterey Financial Services Montgomery v. Everest Receivable Services Moore et al v. Peak Management Morales v. Commonwealth Financial Systems Morales v. Healthcare Recovery Revenue Group Moran v. The Screening Pros Moratorium Morgan Harper Morgan v. AR Resources Morgan v. Bank of America Morrison v. Midland Funding Morris v. PHH Mortgage Corp. Morrone v. I.C. System Morse Communications Mortgage Bankers Association Mortgage Servicing Morton v. O'Brien Moser v. Benefytt Moskowitz v. American Savings Bank Moss Barnett Motion for Reconsideration Motion to Compel Arbitration Mouzon v. NCB Management Services Moyer v. Patenaude & Felix MRI International MRS BPO MSJ MSJ - Defendant MSJ - Plaintiff MTD Multiple Addresses Mulvaney Mumin v. Miller & Milone Municipal Collections of America Muransky v. Godiva Chocolatier Muriel Bowser Murphy v. The Hundred is Huge Mygovwatch Nabozny v. Optio Solutions NACSO Non-Profit Business League v. CFPB and FTC Nadarius Clark Nagle & Zaller v. Delegall Nailer v. Receivables Management Partners Naito Corp. Name Matching Nancy Skinner NARCA Nathan Copeland National Association of Consumer Advocates National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions National Bank Act National Bankers Association National Consumer Law Center National Credit Adjusters National Creditor's Bar Association National Creditors Bar Association National Credit Union Administration National Debt Holdings National Energy Assistance Directors Association National Service Bureau Nationwide Credit Corp. Nationwide Multistate Licensing System Navarroli v. Medicredit Navient Naz II Holding v. The Litigation Practice Group and Tony Diab NEADA Neale Mahoney Nealy v. Suntrust Banks Nebraska Necessaries Statute Negative Option Nelnet Nelson Macwan Neustar Nevada New Britain Financial New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New Mountain Capital New York New York Attorney General New York City New York City LEP Rule New York Department of Financial Services New York State Creditors Bar Association NextGen NFT NiceRx Nick Ciabattone Nick Jarman Nick Prola Nicole Strickler Nieves v. Preferred Collection & Management Services Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals NMLS Noah Phillips NobelBiz Non-Compete Clauses Non-Judicial Foreclosure Debt Collection Clarification Act Nonprofit Hospitals Noonkester v. Elite Debt Brokers et al. Nordis Technologies North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association North Carolina North Carolina Supreme Court Northern District of California Northern District of Georgia Northern District of Illinois Northern District of Indiana Northern Resolution Group Northern Resolution Group. Northwell Health Northwood Asset Management Group Norton v. Mandarich Law Group No Surprises Act NPRM NRA Group NSF Fees Nuamah-Williams v. Frontline Asset Strategies Nursing Home Debt Collection Nyanhongo v. Credit Collection Services Nyanjom v. NPAS Solutions Nyberg v. Portfolio Recovery Associates O'Guin v. Webcollex Obituary OCC Offer of Judgment Office of Competition and Innovation Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Ohad Samet Ohaion v. Bank of America Ohai v. Patenaude & Felix Ohio Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act Ohio Receivables Management Association Oh v. Collecto Ojogwu v. Rodenburg Law Firm Oklahoma Oliphant United Olson v. Armada Corp. Olson v. La Jolla Neurological Associates Onbe Online Dispute Resolution Online Lending Ontario Systems Open Banking Operation Choke Point Operation Corrupt Collector Operations Ophrys v. OneMain Financial Opico v. Convergent Outsourcing Opportun Financial Opportunity Opt-Out Optima Associates Optum Oregon Orion Capital Solutions Ortiz v. Asset Recovery Solutions and Velocity Investments Ortiz v. Helvey & Associates OSLA Servicing OSPIRG Overdraft Fees Overshadowing Ozmun Wood and Chatman v. Portfolio Recovery Associates and Rausch Sturm Ozturk v. AmSher Collection Services Pairity Palacio v. Medical Financial Solutions Pam Kirchner Panzarella v. Navient Papaya Paredes v. Credit Consulting Services Parent PLUS Loan Fairness and Responsibility Act Parker v. Mandarich Law Group Parsons v. United Collections Bureau PartnerWeekly Pastian v. International Credit Systems Patient Billing Patient Financial Experiencce Patients' Debt Collection Practices Act Patricia Cobb Patrick Morrisey Patrick Newman Paul Hammer Paul Kaloustian Paulk v. Columbia Debt Recovery Paul Lengyel Paul Rehmar Paul Suzuki Pay-for-delete Paycheck Protection Program PayCourt Payday Loans Pay for delete Payment Plans Payment Processing Payments Payment Trends Paymerica PayNearMe PayPal PayRazr Payzen Pazymino v. Portfolio Recovery Associates PDCflow Peak Revenue Learning Pearl v. Financial Recovery Services Pearson Peggy Twohig Penalty Offense Authority Penn Credit Pennell et al v. LVNV Funding LLC and Resurgent Capital Services Pennell v. Global Trust Management Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency Pennsylvania Superior Court People of California et al. v. OCC People v. Alorica Perez v. I.C. System Perez v. McCreary Veselka Bragg & Allen Perez v Rash Curtis Performance Settlement Performance SLC Performant Performant Financial Permissible Purpose Perno v. Enhanced Recovery Co. Persinger v. Southwest Credit Systems Persis Yu Peterson v. Experian Peterson v. Tenant Tracker Petition Claus Petition Clause Pew Charitable Trusts PFC USA Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins Phantom Debt Collection Pharms v. National Credit Systems PHEAA Phillip Chen Phil Mendelson Phil Thomas Phil Weiser Phishing Pierre v. Midland Credit Management Pioneer Pioneer Credit Recovery Piratel PIRG Pistone v. Halstead Financial Services Pitera v. Asset Recovery Group Pix Plaid Plaza Services Policies & Procedures Pollak v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Populus Financial Group Portfolio Recovery Associates Portnoy v. National Credit Systems Portrait of the Consumer Post-Judgment Interest Postage Postal Regulatory Commission PRA PRA Group Prasad Krishnamurthy Pre-judgment interest Pre-recorded Calls Preisler v. Eastpoint Recovery Group and United Holdings Group President Joe Biden Press Press Release Price Transparency Rule Prime Healthcare Principal Purpose Print & Mail Coalition Printing Priority Payout Privacy Private Collection Agencies Private Collection Agency Private Equity Private Loan Disability Discharge Act of 2021 Processing Fees Processingstudentloans ProCollect Prodigal Productivity Professional Professional Account Services Professional Financial Services Corp. Professional Plaintiff Promise Proposal Proposed Debt Collection Rule Protecting Consumer Access to Credit Act Protecting Wages of Essential Workers Act Protect Our Arizona Provana ProVest Providence PSLF Public Service Loan Forgiveness Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Pucillo v. National Credit Systems QR Code Quaglia v SN Servicing Qualified Mortgage Rule Quantrax Quinteros v. TSC Accounts Receivable Solutions Rachel Weintraub Racial Inequalities Radford v. Equifax Information Services et al. Radius Global Solutions Rafer v Internal Credit System Raffi Boghosian Rainier Collections Services Rajkumar v. FBCS Rakesh Sehgal Ramirez et al. v. NBGI et al. Ramirez v. Las Cruces Medical Center Ramirez v. Sequium Asset Solutions Ramones v. Experian Information Solutions RAM Payment Randolph v. Congress Collections Ransomware Raymond v. Arcadia Recovery Bureau Ray Peloso Raze v. Everest Receivable Services RCM Reasonable Investigation Reassigned Number Database Rebecca Kelly Slaughter Rebecca Slaughter Rebekah Luebcke Receeve Recruitment Reddick v. Capouano Beckman Russell & Burnett Redlining Redman v. Javitch Block Reed v. Bradley A. Friedman and Star Lakes Association Reed v. MRS BPO Reg E Regency One Capital Reg F Lawsuit Regional Home Care Regulation E Regulation F RegulationF Regulation O Regulation X Remand to State Court Remittance Rule Remote Work Removal Renkim Rent-A-Center Rental Debt Rent Recovery Solutions Rep. Alexander Mooney Rep. Alex Andrade Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rep. Al Green Rep. Al Lawson Rep. Anna Eshoo Rep. Bill Foster Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer Rep. Bob Latta Rep. Byron Donalds Rep. Catherine Ingram Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Rep. Daneya Esgar Rep. David Kustoff Rep. David Scott Rep. Deborah Ross Rep. Ed Goodwin Rep. Ed Perlmutter Rep. Elise Stefanik Rep. Frank LoBiondo Rep. Frank Pallone Rep. French Hill Rep. Greg Stanton Rep. Hank Johnson Rep. James Comer Rep. Jody Hice Rep. Katie Porter Rep. Linda Sanchez Rep. Madeleine Dean Rep. Maxine Waters Rep. Mike Garcia Rep. Mike Levin Rep. Patrick McHenry Rep. Patrick Neville Rep. Patti Dodge Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi Rep. Rashida Tlaib Rep. Scott DesJarlais Rep. Sean Duffy Rep. Steny Hoyer Rep. Steve Cohen Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Rep. Tom Emmer Rep. Tom Rice Rep. Warren Davidson Rep. Waters Rep. Wood Repay Holdings Corp. Repeat Offender Registry Report Resurgent Resurgent Capital Holdings Resurgent Capital Services Retention Retrieval-Masters Credit Bureau Revco Solutions RevElate Revenue Cycle Management Revoked Consent Revspring Reyes v. N.A.R. RFDCPA RFI RGS FInancial Rhee v. Client Services Rhode Island Richard Burnham Richard Cordray Richard v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Rich Cichon Rick Bonitzer Ricketson v. Advantage Collection Professionals Rick Perr Rick Rainho Rick Saffer Ricks v. MediCredit RICO Ringless Voicemail RIP Medical Debt Riser v. Central Portfolio Control et al Rivas v. Midland Fundung Rivera v. Capital Link Management RMAI RMA International Robbie Malone Robbins v. Ford Motor Credit Robbins v MED-1 Solutions Rob Bonta Robert Giardina Robert Sabido Robert Salmon Robinson v. Works & Lentz Rob Nichols Robo-Signing Robocall Robocalls Robocall Trace Back Enhancement Act Robotext Robotext Scam Prevention Act ROC Asset Solutions Rocke v. Monarch Recovery Management Rock v. Greenspoon Marder Rodas v. TransUnion Data Solutions Rodenburg v. The Cincinnati Insurance Company Rodriguez-Ocasio v. I.C. System Rodriguez-Ocasio v. Midland Credit Management Rodriguez v. Awar Holding Rodriguez v. Cascade Collections Rodriguez v. Evergreen Professional Recoveries Rodriguez v. Hirshberg Acceptance Rodriguez v. Monarch Recovery Management Roger v. GC Services Roger Weiss Rohit Chopra Ron Canter Ron DeSantis Ron Fauquher Rooker-Feldman Doctrine Rosenberg v. Frontline Asset Strategies and Absolute Resolution Investments Rosenberg v. LoanDepot Rosenthal FDCPA Rosen v. LV Ross Associates Rosen v. MLO Acquisitions Rosko v. Rushmore Service Center Ross v. Financial Asset Management Systems Ross v. Forster Garbus & Garbus RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Roxie Olivero-Winfield Rozanne Andersen RSSI Rubin v. Montefiore Medical Center Rulemaking Rulemaking Agenda Rulemaking Petition Ruling Rural Communities Russell v. Ray Klein Ryan Fishman Rydholm v. Equifax et al. S.146 S.153 S.214 S.355 S.1430 S. 1783 S. 2204 S.2775 S.2790 S.4094 S.4218/A.585 S.4253 S.4342 S.4345 S. 4522 S. 4889 S. 4912 S. 5150 S. 5280 S.5924C/A.6938 S.6267/A.268 S.7862B/A.10261 S.B. 195 S737A S5724A S6522A Safeguards Rule Safe Home Security Safety Salcedo v. Hanna Saldana v. Resurgent Capital Services Sales & Marketing Samano v. LVNV Funding Sameer Maini Samuel Levine Sanchez v. JPMorgan Chase Bank Sanctions Sanders v. American Coradius International Sanders v. CACH Sandoval v. Credit Corp Solutions and Kirschenbaum & Phillips Sandoval v. Midland Funding Sang Yi Santander Consumer USA Santander v. General Revenue Corp. Santiago v. Hunter Warfield Sara DeMoss Sarah DeMoss Sara Woggerman Sarita Brown SARS Solutions SavvyMoney Saxerud v. T-H Professional & Medical Collections SB23-093 SB 71 SB248 SB 297 SB514 SB 531 SB 1200 SB 1477 SBREFA Scaife v. National Credit System Scam Scarbo v. Wisdom Financial et al. Schmelczer v. Penn Credit SchoolsFirst FCU Schultz v. Midland Credit Management Schumacher v. Merchant's Credit Guide Company Scofield v. Gallant Law Group Scott Carroll Scott Croce Scott Hamilton Scott Hyman Scott Purcell Scott Rhodes Scott Strady Scott Tacke Scott Tucker Scott v. American Express et al Scott v. Credit Consulting Service Scott v. FedChoice Scott v. Nationwide Credit Scott v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Scott Wortman Scratchpay Screening Seaman v. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-2 et al. Sea Mirror Sean Austin Seattle Service Bureau Securing Consumers Against Misrepresented Debt Act of 2021 Security Security Credit Services Security Finance Corp. Security Group Inc. Sedric SEFL Seila Law Self-Pay Self-pay After Insurance Selling Source Sen. Amy Klobuchar Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez Sen. Ben Ray Lujan Sen. Bill Cassidy Sen. Bill Hagerty Sen. Bob Wieckowski Sen. Brian Feldman Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto Sen. Chris Murphy Sen. Chris Van Hollen Sen. Chuck Schumer Sen. Edward Markey Sen. Elizabeth Warren Sen. Faith Winter Sen. Gary Peters Sen. Jeff Merkley Sen. Joe Kennedy Sen. John Barrasso Sen. John Kennedy Sen. John Thune Sen. Josh Hawley Sen. Kevin Cramer Sen. Krysten Sinema Sen. Liz Krueger Sen. Maggie Hassan Sen. Marilyn Dondero Sen. Mark Warner Sen. Martin Heinrich Sen. Mike Crapo Sen. Mike Lee Sen. Mitt Romney Sen. Nate Blouin Sen. Pat Toomey Sen. Patty Murray Sen. Richard Blumenthal Sen. Rick Scott Sen. Roger Wicker Sen. Ron Wyden Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Sen. Sherrod Brown Sen. Susan Collins Sen. Tammy Baldwin Sen. Ted Cruz Sen. Thom Tillis Senate Senate Banking Committee Senate Bill 2122 Senior Citizens Sentinel Development Solutions Sentry Credit Sereyka v. Navient Solutions Service Employees International Union Service Fee Servicemember Credit Monitoring Enhancement Act Servicemembers Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Servicio UniTeller Seth Frotman Settle Settlement Settlement Disclosure Settlement Language Settlement Offer Settlet Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Sewer Service Shabana Khublal SHAKEN/STIR Shannon Miller Shannon v. State Collection Service Sharon Telephone Shaun Ertischek Shawn Bradley Shawn Farris Sheila Monroe Shepherd Outsourcing Shepherd v. Debt Recovery Solutions of Ohio Sheridan Radiology Services of Pinellas and Laboratory Corporation of America vs. Davis Sherloq Solutions Sherman Financial Group Shields v. Credit One Bank Shields v. Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland Shimon v. Equifax Information Services Shoulars v. Halsted Financial Services Shulman v. Lendmark Financial Sibley et al. v. UCMC et al. Silencer Simplicated Simplicity Collection Software Simpson v. Revco Solutions Sims v. Midland Funding and Gordon Aylworth & Tami Sippel Skaggs v. Gooch Skit.ai Skvarla v. MRS BPO Small Business Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Small Business Lending Fairness Act Small Claims Small World Money Transfer Smith v. AT&T Mobility Services Smith v. Convergent Smith v. DRS Financial Smith v. GC Services Smith v. LoanMe Smith v. Stewart Zlimen & Jungers Smith v. T-Mobile SndRight Snodgrass v. Tsarouhis Law Group Snyder v. Finley & Co. Snyder v. LVNV Funding Social Media Society of Human Resources Executives SOL Solberg Morin & Bonakdar v. Victim Services SoloSuit Solovyova v. Grossman & Karaszewski PLLC Solutions by Text Solverity South Carolina Telephone Privacy Protection Act Southern District of Indiana Southern District of New York Southern District of Ohio Sovereign Immunity Soyinka v. Equifax Information Services Spanish Spectrum Billing Services Spielbauer v. Midland Funding Spillman v. Mason Schilling & Mason Spira v. TransUnion et al Spire Recovery Solutions Spokeo Sponsored Post Spoofing Spotlight: Hospital Lawsuits Sprayberry v Portfolio Recovery Associates Springman Braden Wilson & Pontius Spring Oaks Capital Sputz v. Alltran Financial SSM Health Stacy Rodr Stacy Rodriguez Stallworth v. Terrill Outsourcing Group Stamps Standing Stark Law Startel Communications State Action State Collection Service State Issue State Law Guide State University of New York statute of limitations Staublein v. Wells Fargo Stefanie Jack Stefanie Jackman Steffen v. Uplift Steinmetz v. Allied Interstate Stephanie Schenking Stephen Chaya Steve Carmichael Steve Kusic Stewart v. Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group Stewart v. IQ Data Stimulus STIR/SHAKEN Stone v. J&M Securities Stone v. Medical Business Bureau Stop Debt Collection Abuse Act of 2021 Stop Reckless Student Loan Actions Act Storey v. Capital Link Management Strange v. SPP Strategic Financial Solutions Strategic Planning Strategic Resource Alternatives Stratics Networks Structured Settlement Student Advocates Team Student Aid Institute Student Borrower Protection Center student lending Student Loan Collections Student Loan Corp. Student Loan Debt Cancellation Student Loan Debt Collection Student Loan Debt Relief Student Loan Debt Relief Department Student Loan Debt Relief Scam Student Loan Forgiveness for Frontline Health Workers Act Student Loans Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions Subject-Matter Jurisdiction Subrogation Summary Judgment Sunbit Superior Court of New Jersey - Appellate Division Superlative RM Supervisory Guidance Supervisory Highlights Supply Chain Supreme Court Supreme Court of the State of New York Surprise Billing Survey Survey of Consumer Expectations Susan Croce Susino v. Lacy Katzen Suxstorf v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Suzanne Martindale Swanson v. National Credit Services SW Arkansas Sweet v. Cardona Sylvester v. Merchants Credit Corp. Symend Synchrony Bank Synchrony Financial T-Mobile Takehisa Naito Tamar Yudenfreund Tarra Simmons Task Force Modernizing Consumer Protection Laws Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law Tataru v. RGS Financial Tatis v. Allied Interstate Tavernaro v. Pioneer Credit Recovery Taxpayer Advocate Tax Refunds Tax Season Taylor v. IC System Taylor v. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust et al. TCN TCPA TCPAi TD Financial Solutions Group AZ Technology Teitelbaum v. I.C. System Tejero v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Telecommunications Risk Management Association Telemarketing Sales Rule Telrock Tennessee Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals TEPSLF Teran Dale Terms and Conditions Rule Terry Wallace Texas Texas Legislature Text Message Text Messages Text Messaging Text Request The Bureaus The CBE Group and RGS Financial v. Lexington Law Firm The CMI Group The Commonwealth Fund The Compliance Law Firm The Consumer Financial Education and Empowerment Act The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit The COVID-19 Medical Debt Collection Relief Act of 2021 The Debt Cancellation Accountability Act the District of Columbia The Echols Firm The Great Resignation The Law Office of Hayt Hayt & Landau The Mayo Clinic The Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act of 2021 The Narrative The Offices of Morgan and Moss The Preferred Group of Tampa The Property Management Connection et al v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Think Finance thinQ Technologies Third-Party Disclosure Third Circuit Court of Appeals Thomas-Lawson v. Carrington Mortgage Services Thomas Crown Thomas Donovan Jr. Thomas Matonican Thomas Oldani Thomas v. CBC Thomas v. Financial Builders FCU Thomas v. LVNV Funding Thomas v. Unifin Thomas Walsh Thomas Wells Thompson v. Renner Thompson v. Resurgent Capital Services Tim Collins Time-Barred Debt Tim Grayson Tim Haag Tim O'Brien Tinsley v. Fairway Collections Tips & Techniques Tips and Techniques Titlemax TJ44 TMX Finance Todd Rokita Todd Santa Maria Todd Zywicki Todorov v. Receivables Performance Management Tolliver v. National Credit Systems Tom Clement Tom Pahl Tom Wolf Tonka Bay Equity Partners Tony Cardenas Toogood v. The Receivable Management Services Torch Award Torres v. CVI SGP-CO Acquisition Trust and Faloni Law Group Toste v. The Beach Club at Fontainebleau Park et al. Townes v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Toyota Motor Credit Corp. TRACED Act Tracy Dottrice Warren Tracy Montour Tradeline Deletion Training Training Bytes Training Repayment Agreements Transaction Fee Transcript Withholding Transparency in CFPB Cost-Benefit Analysis Act TransUnion TransUnion Healthcare TransUnion v. Ramirez Transworld Systems Trevino v. U.S. Bank Trichell v. Midland Tromberg Morris Pullin Truancy Tickets TrueAccord True Lender Rule Trump Truth in Caller ID Act Tudela v. MediCredit Tukin v. Halsted Financial Services Turbo Solutions Turnover Turtle Creek Assets Tyler v. Capio Partners Tyler v. Dynamic Recovery Solutions Tyler v. Rash Curtis & Associates et al Tzvi Reich U.K. Door-to-Door Collections U.S. Bank U.S. Chamber of Commerce U.S. PIRG UDAAP Unauthorized Practice of Law Uncompensated Care Undated Model Validation Notice Unemployment Unifund CCR Unifund CCR Partners v. Baker United Debt Holding United Holding Group United Resource System v. Attorney General of South Carolina United States Postal Service United States v. Bedi Upsolve Upsolve v. Letitia James Urban Institute Usevicz v. Weltman Weinberg & Reis USTelecom Utah Utah Bar Foundation Utah Collection Agency Act Utility Debt UVA Health Uvaldo v. Germaine Law Office V. Susan Sosnowski Vaishali Rao Valentine v. Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney & Flynn Valentine v. Unifund CCR Validation Date Validation Information Validation Notice Valid When Made Van Brakle v. Cleveland Clinic Vantage Point Services Vasquez-Looper v. Desert Valley Hospital et al. Vaughan v. Fein Such Kahn & Shephard Vela v. L J Ross Associates & Advocate Aurora Health Velez-Aguilar v. Ragan & Ragan and First Portfolio Ventures I Velez-Aguilar v. Sequium Asset Solutions Velez v. Absolute Resolutions Investments Vengroff-Williams Venmo VeriFacts Verification Verizon Wireless Vermont Vertican Vespo v. Bass & Associates Veterans Veterans Affairs Vicarious Liability Video Viernes v. DNF Associates Vikram Atal Vilchez v. Resurgent Capital Services and LVNV Funding Virginia Virginia Bell Flynn Virginia Data Consumer Protection Act Virginia Poverty Law Center Visa VoApps Voicemail VoIP VoIP Essential Wadsworth v Kross Lieberman & Stone Wage Garnishment Waggett v. MRS BPO Wakefield & Associates Wallace v. Law Office of Bruce Spencer Wallace v. Rent Recovery Solutions WalletHub Walnut Wanda Hall Wang v. Verizon Communications Warden v. Tschetter Sulzer Ward v. National Patient Account Services Solutions Warner v. Midland Credit Management WARN Notice Warsco v. Creditmax Collection Agency Washington Washington Appeals Court Washington Collection Agency Act Washington Consumer Protection Act WashingtonConsumer Protection Act Washington Court of Appeals Washington D.C. Washington state Watkins v. Nationwide Capital Services WD Wisc. Web Chat Webinar Webinar Recording WebRecon Website Disclosure Webster v. Receivables Performance Management Weinberg v. RGS Financial Weiss v. Sequium Asset Solutions Weisz v. Sarma Collections Wells Fargo Western District of New York Western District of Pennsylvania Western District of Wisconsin West Virginia West Virginia v. EPA Westwood College Whalen Whistleblower Whistleblowing White v. Equifax Information Services and TransUnion White v. Resurgent Capital Services White v. TransUnion et al. Whitfield v. Contract Callers et al Widmer v. Weltman Weinberg & Reis Wiley v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Wilkinson v. I.Q. Data International William MacLeod William Marohn Williams & Fudge Williams v. MRS BPO William Tong Willich v. Midwest Fidelity Services Wilson-Albright v. Rash Curtis & Associates and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula Wilson v. Suntrust Bank Winn Law Group Wisconsin Wisconsin Consumer Act Wolf v. Carpenter Hazlewood Delgado & Bolen Wolkenfeld v. Portfolio Recovery Associates Woods v. CACH Woods v. LVNV Funding and Resurgent Capital Services Worker's Compensation Worker Overtime Workers' Compensation World Law Group Wright v. AR Resources Wusterbarth v. Credit Services Co. WVCCPA Wyoming Xavier Becerra XCast Labs Xerxes Martin Yes Online Yorba Capital Management Young v. Midland Credit Management Young v. National Credit Audit Corp. Young v. PRA et al You Wanted a Rule You Wanted a Rule You Got a Rule Zamot v. InDebted Zeev v. Midland Credit Management Zip Zirpoli v. Midland Funding Zixta Martinez Zurich American Insurance Company v. Ocwen Financial Corp.