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Ohio Anti-Robocall Bill Signed Into Law

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has signed a bill into law that criminalizes spoofing of phone numbers while also giving the state Attorney General the power to prosecute cases in state court as well as federal court, and requires entities that have Caller ID’s that identify them as “unknown” or “blocked” …

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Bill Introduced in Ohio to Legalize Debt Settlement

A bill has been re-introduced in the Ohio legislature that would allow debt settlement companies to operate in the state, but the prospects for passage this time around might be different following a state Supreme Court ruling that was issued earlier in the year. The bill — the Financial Accountability …

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Ohio Passes Bill Shortening Statute of Limitations

The Ohio legislature has passed a bill that will reduce the statutes of limitations on filing lawsuits to collect on debts to four or six years, depending on whether a written contract exists. The bill will now proceed to Gov. Mike DeWine for his signature to become law, and he …

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