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FCC Proposes Rule To Curb More Robocall Activity

The Federal Communications Commission has unveiled new rules — that it will vote on next month — aimed at requiring all gateway providers comply with anti-spoofing and robocall rules or face having all traffic blocked by other networks. The Commission will vote on the proposed rule at its next meeting, …

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FCC Goes After Two Providers For Not Meeting STIR/SHAKEN Deadlines

The Federal Communications Commission yesterday announced that two telecom companies have failed to fully implement the STIR/SHAKEN protocols and have been referred to the regulator’s enforcement unit for further investigation. The providers — Bandwidth and Vonage — also lost any “leniency” that STIR/SHAKEN provided to networks that were attempting to …

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FCC Chair Seeks to Classify Ringless Voicemails as Calls Under TCPA, Requiring Consumer Consent

The Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission yesterday announced the release of a Declaratory Ruling that classifies ringless voicemail messages to consumers’ cell phones as calls under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, meaning that consumers would have to provide their consent prior to receiving such messages. The Ruling — which …

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FCC Proposes Rule to Block Robotexts

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a rule that would explore ways to require wireless carriers to block illegal text messages, similar to what the agency has done to combat illegal robocalls. Robotexts have become more prevalent, especially as regulators and technology providers have taken steps to keep robocalls from …

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FCC Takes More Action to Fight Against Robocalls

A new anti-robocall deadline went into effect last week and the Federal Communications Commission issued a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to take additional steps to block robocalls from being connected with consumers as the fight against robocalls continued. First, as of September 28, phone companies are prohibited from accepting …

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