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Too Many Consumers Still Unsatisfied With Healthcare Billing: Report

Healthcare patients are still “clamoring” for more advances to improve billing and payment solutions, according to the results of an annual survey conducted by Cedar, a healthcare financial engagement platform. Forty percent of respondents said they are not satisfied with their provider’s billing solutions, and another 40% said they are …

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The Racial Divide of Healthcare Debt

There is nobody who will disagree that there are problems with medical debt across America. From massively underestimating how much medical debt actually exists to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country being called out for being too aggressive in trying to collect on unpaid debts — especially when the …

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N.Y. Hospitals Called Out for Filing Liens On Unpaid Debts

A number of hospitals in New York state are being called out for filing liens on the homes of patients with unpaid medical debts, pointing out that the facilities collected $442 million to help them support patient financial assistance and calling the process an “extreme collection practice.” The report was …

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