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Fed Data Analyzes Debt Patterns by Race, Gender, Education

For anyone who has ever watched a movie or television show featuring someone trying to solve a crime, invariably there is a scene or even multiple scenes where the detective tries to “get inside the head” of the criminal, in order to understand his or her motivation, and to uncover …

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Student Loan Debt Holding Individuals Back: Report

Student loan debt is keeping a lot of people from accomplishing their financial objectives, according to a report released by the National Association of Realtors, including buying a home, taking a vacation, and starting a family, while also forcing more individuals to take second jobs or work where they are …

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Renters at Risk as COVID Assistance Plans Expire: CFPB


Millions of individuals who rent apartments or homes nationwide are at risk of “economic harms” as programs created to help individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic are coming to an end, according to a report issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and companies in the accounts receivable management industry might …

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Consumers’ Financial Fragility Remains Perilous

Data that was released this week by the Federal Reserve Board of New York reminded me of a great line I remember from the original “Men in Black.” Tommy Lee Jones is trying to explain to Will Smith why everyone in the world has not been told that there are …

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