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California Seeks New Members for Debt Collection Committee

California’s Department of Financial Protection & Innovation is seeking candidates to serve on its Debt Collection Advisory Committee. Seven members were selected back in 2021 to server two-year terms and those terms are about to expire. The DFPI is looking for individuals who can serve a two-year term from 2023 …

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Calif. DFPI to Get $7M More in Proposed Budget

The Governor of California has earmarked more than $11 million of the budget for the state’s Department of Financial Protection & Innovation to “protect consumers and ensure transparency of the debt collector industry through strong government oversight and data collection.” The item was part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $286 billion …

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DFPI Issues Proposed Rules Related to Consumer Complaints

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation is inviting comments on a proposed rule that will address how consumer complaints are handled in relation to the California Consumer Financial Protection Law (CCFPL). Under the law, covered persons will be required to develop written policies and procedures detailing how consumers …

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