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Chatbot Usage Growing in Financial Services

We are less than a decade away from humans being unable to determine whether they are speaking with a human or a bot during webchat sessions, according to a published report. Chatbots are becoming a more common component of customer service offerings in the financial services industry, and offer companies …

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I Type, Therefore I Am

What do people think of engaging with chatbots when visiting a company’s website? For the most part, people do not like to be duped into thinking they are interacting with a real person, but when the chatbot makes a mistake or is unable to resolve a problem, people were actually …

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I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to more automation in the call center world, and technology is allowing chatbots and other artificial intelligence tools to develop empathy, which is leading some to predict the displacement of hundreds of thousands of call center representatives in the coming years, according to …

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