Regulation F Creditor Video Series

Educate Your Creditor-Clients About Regulation F

Get Ahead of the Curve

Insights and Answers From The Experts Who Know Regulation F Inside and Out

“This series is a great idea that will help agencies of any shape or size. I’m excited to share this with all of our clients to help us work together to get ready for Regulation F.”

–Tim Collins, Chief Customer Officer, InDebted

Regulation F is going into effect on November 30. That leaves precious time to get your creditor-clients ready for all of the changes that are going into effect and all of the ways in which their relationship with you are going to change.

  • Educate your clients
  • Show you are proactively addressing compliance with Regulation F
  • Save time and money

Purchasing the Regulation F Creditor Video Series from, featuring insight from the brilliant legal minds at Bassford Remele:

Michael Klutho
Jessica Klander
Patrick Newman
Chris Morris

The series features seven short videos aimed at topics that are most relevant to creditor, clients, including:

  • Call Frequency and Communication Caps (Duration — 8:34)
  • Itemization Date (Duration — 12:42)
  • Information Needed in the Validation Notice (Duration — 17:40)
  • Texting and Email Consent and Revocation (Duration — 19:18)
  • Time-barred Debt Collection (Duration — 12:52)
  • The Limited-Content Message (Duration — 11:35)
  • Credit Reporting/Debt Parking (Duration — 17:38)

Want to see what’s included? Check out the trailer above.

If you purchase this series, each video will be branded with your logo and you have the opportunity to record a short introduction that can be added to each video, showcasing your proactiveness and reaffirming your emphasis on communication and compliance.

To purchase the series, please click on the button below. The cost to purchase the videos and have them branded with your logo and video introduction is $749.

After you purchase your videos, you will be contacted to submit your logo and/or record your video introduction. Videos will be available within five business days of ordering.