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    ALLSTATE Capital Group, has a unique opportunity to present for collection professionals. If your agency has just opened or you are looking to make extra cash, we are the partner you have been looking for. We want to offer you a Contingency Agreement for collections on our in house accounts receivables, that we can put at your fingertips.

    What makes us different than any other contingency client?

    We will remit your fees to you weekly by Bank Wire. That’s to say if you started working with us at the beginning of the month you will be paid at least three times before the month is out on your collections. Unlike a traditional contingency agreement where you would be remitted once a month and would be working at least six weeks before your first paycheck. We feel that this is a perfect fit for any agency or persons looking for a constant cash flow for their services.

    We remove the risks of buying a bad portfolio. As a start-up agency or a tenured collector looking for work, you may have considered to yourself, why don’t I buy my own portfolio to collect? Well Mr./Ms. Right, why take the risk when it is not necessary? Nobody wants to buy a bad portfolio, but once you do it is capable of derailing your collection train before you leave the station. Tell us what you are able to produce a profit on and we will look out for you. This allows your savings to continue to grow, or start up cash to be well spent elsewhere.

    We will provide you with a forward flow of accounts. It is our goal to have new business provided to our contingency clients monthly. As we throw accounts in and you keep throwing money back at us, the more accounts we will purchase to replace them. You will always have work as long as you are there to make the call.

    Additionally, ACG will be helping you every step of the way. You will have a personal point of contact to answer any questions, or training that is required to work in our Collections System.

    At ACG we want your company to grow with us. Every agency has to start somewhere, and with us you will be launched into the future you dreamed of. Please contact me today so that we can discuss your future with us.

    Kristin Shahan
    Direct Line: 804-286-1928



    Please feel free to look over our website!


    Mark G

    Good Morning

    I had an agency that specialized in Payday Loan collections for years, spouse got sick had to stop. I was sending my client 10k plus a month. Looking to reopen, need files.

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