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    Click here for additional information

    Direct, Zero and One agency auto deficiency loans for sale with complete media.

    Additional details:

    •Charge-off range – 2013-2018.
    •Complete media jackets included with purchase at no additional charge.
    •State sales are permitted.

      Inventory available in the following states:

    *Alabama *Missouri
    *Florida *Nevada
    *Georgia *New York
    *Illinois *North Carolina
    *Indiana *Ohio
    *Kentucky *Oklahoma
    *Louisiana *South Carolina
    *Maryland *Texas

    Contact us today to review a particular state(s) and the corresponding documents included with your purchase. (NDA on file required)

    Receive immediate funding upon sale of your receivables with JVK

    JVK acquires, manages, and sell portfolios of defaulted receivables from credit originators including but not limited to:

    •Lenders (Commercial and Consumer)
    •Finance companies
    •Hospitals and medical services
    •Credit Unions
    •Private Investors
    •Small Businesses

    The asset classes below are in high demand nation-wide

    •Automobile deficiencies
    •Commercial loans with Personal Guarantees
    •Consumer loans
    •Merchant Cash Advances with Personal Guarantees
    •Elective Surgery
    •Mortgages (1st and 2nd position)
    •Credit Cards
    •Bad Checks

    By selling charged-off debt, lenders can focus on their primary business. The sale of debt supplies immediate cash infusion for reinvestment, expansion or to meet corporate goals. JVK Consultants purchases all types of consumer and commercial debt from early charge off through out of statue.

    JVK will get you top dollar for every portfolio that meets our client’s business model. Local, state and national portfolios welcomed.

    If you need an immediate cash influx, we can turn your distressed receivables into liquid capital by selling your debt. JVK has a vast network of clients currently in the market for inventory they can purchase by the end of the year.

    Contact us today to discuss in detail

    Client Services
    JVK Consultants
    125 Town Park Drive Suite 300
    Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

    Availability is subject to change without notice.

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