Regulators Issue Warning About Cyber Attacks in Wake of ‘Increased Geopolitical Tensions’

Two national banking regulators have come out and issued guidance warning companies in the financial services industry, especially smaller companies, about an increased risk of a cyber attack, as a result of “increased geopolitical tensions and threats.” The warning came from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which regulates depository institutions …

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Google Makes it Easier for Smartphone Users to Record Calls

Google is making it easier for users of its smartphones, especially those using Pixel 4 phones, to record calls. Google announced last week that it is not automatically screening calls for anyone using its Pixel 4 devices. The feature has been added to Google’s “Call Screen” product, and will now …

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RCM Provider Announces PHI of 16,000 People Possibly Exposed

A revenue cycle management company in Pennsylvania has announced that the protected health information of nearly 18,000 individuals was compromised following unauthorized access to a company email account. Healthcare Administrative Partners announced the breach earlier this week, but it actually occurred back in June. The company became aware of suspicious …

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DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. Announces Click-to-Call

Ogden, Utah — Today, debt collection and ARM software technology leader DAKCS Software Systems announces Click-to-Call, a manual dialing solution for calling consumers. Click-to-Call introduces a human review process before a call is placed. Many Collection call centers are concerned about the regulatory implications of calling cell numbers with dialers or …

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Pai: FCC Working on Regs For Carriers Not Moving Fast Enough on SHAKEN/STIR

Not necessarily content with how quickly mobile phone carriers are implementing call authentication technology, the Federal Communications Commission is “actively” prepping regulation that would “make it happen,” according to agency Chairman Ajit Pai, who made the remark during a speech at an anti-robocall conference in Massachusetts yesterday. Known as SHAKEN/STIR, …

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AT&T Expands Anti-Robocall Tools For Wireless Customers

AT&T announced new anti-robocall protections for customers of its wireless service on Friday, expanding the tools to block unwanted calls from being connected. The new products are being added at no additional charge to customers, according to an announcement from the carrier. The new features being added to AT&T’s call …

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