Ringless Voicemail Petition Withdrawn; FCC Will Not Rule on Legality of Technology

The company that had requested the Federal Communications Commission exempt ringless voicemail from anti-robocall rules has withdrawn its request, after receiving significant criticism from consumer advocates and pro-consumer rights members of Congress. The company, “All About The Message” filed its withdrawal notice with the FCC last week. It had submitted a …

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Cyber Attacks Against ARM Industry On Rise

There has been a marked increase in the number of cyber attacks on the website of collection agencies in recent weeks, and experts warn that more attacks are on the horizon. Specifically, websites of those involved in the collections and debt buying industries are being subjected to what are known …

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How Many Collection Agencies Can Pass This Test?

For any collection agency executive who wonders whether their company’s website is user friendly, April Wilson from RevSpring has a little test. Take out your smartphone, navigate to your company website and see if you can make a payment while only using one hand. If you are unable to pay …

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New Tech Lock CEO Shares Goals, Vision

Brian McManamon is the new CEO of Tech Lock, a subsidiary of RevSpring. He recently took time to answer some questions about his new role and some of the challenges he sees on the horizons for collection agencies.  What are your goals and priorities as the new CEO of TECH …

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