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Getting to Know Jeremy Mapes

  Only a small number of people are fortunate enough to find their true calling in their first job and parlay that into a successful career. Jeremy Mapes is one of those few people. Mapes’s clients and the many people he has worked with over the years are certainly happy …

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Getting to Know Alex Villafranca of Arbeit Software

Alex Villafranca always seems to be having fun. Whether in his company’s Debt Collection 101 videos or the refreshing way he promotes the company and its brand, nobody will ever say it looks like he’s not having a good time. And why shouldn’t Alex be happy? He’s gone from asking if …

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Getting to Know Sophie Benbenek of TrueAccord

Sophie Benbenek always planned on a career in the public sector, and would be working on policy or for some non-profit if she had not ended up at TrueAccord. But helping people is still very much in her job description. As head of data science at TrueAccord, Sophie was the …

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Getting to Know Shelly Gensmer of ERC

Shelly Gensmer has a very interesting perspective on what makes the ARM industry such a great place to work. It’s refreshing to see someone who thoroughly enjoys what she does and who she works with on a daily basis. It’s also humbling to read about her morning routine — it’s …

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Getting to Know Manny Newburger of Barron & Newburger

Manny Newburger started in the ARM industry the same day he started law school and he hasn’t changed course since. There are a lot of executives and companies in the collections and debt-buying industries who are very grateful for that fact. Despite his self-described “tough love” demeanor, Newburger has an …

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Getting to Know Faith Braverman of InvestiNet

Just when she thought she was out, they brought her back in. And everyone in the ARM industry is better for it. Instead of enjoying retirement, Faith Braverman is working hard at InvestiNet, helping clients maximize their portfolios of dormant judgments. Read on to learn more about Faith, her love …

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