Getting to Know

Getting to Know Ron Brown of CSI Group

If you ever have the chance to spend some time with Ron Brown, do it. Having spent more than half a century in the credit and collection industry, the man has no shortage of great stories. One of the most respected and recognized experts in the industry, Brown has literally …

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Getting to Know George Buck of Frost-Arnett

George Buck comes from a different time, when people found a job they liked and stayed there their whole career, even if it took two job interviews for him to realize the company was a collection agency. George, who has spent 40 years working at Frost-Arnett Company, has worked just …

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Getting to Know Boyd Gentry

Like most, Boyd Gentry did not grow up with aspirations of being in the credit and collection business. But he also likely wouldn’t trade his 16 years in the business for anything else, especially since it led him all the way to the Supreme Court. Read on to learn more …

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