Getting to Know

Getting to Know Edward Forbes of CMAX Finance

  There is a common thread among all of the answers given below by Edward Forbes. All of the answers fit the description of what makes Forbes most productive — under pressure to close a deal. Forbes was a platoon leader in the Army, loves to play tournament poker, and …

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Getting to Know Neal Jagoda of VoApps

  A lot of people in the ARM industry started out elsewhere before finding their home in collections. Neal Jagoda might be the person who started the furthest away before he landed in the ARM industry. There does not appear to be a direct connection between running a company that …

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Getting to Know John Stevenson of U.S. Cellular

  After 30 years in the business, John Stevenson, the senior director of Financial and Real Estate Services at U.S. Cellular, has a great outlook on the roads that often lead consumers into collections. Most people don’t want to be in that situation, and the goal should be to get …

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