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Member Profile: Getting to Know Jan Stieger

Jan Stieger has never worked for a collection agency, a debt buyer, or a law firm, but she remains one of the most important professionals in the ARM industry. As Executive Director of RMA International (formerly known as DBA International), Stieger has been at the forefront of advocating the association’s …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Gordon Beck

Gordon Beck is going to need to grow another arm or sprout new fingers if his collection agency keeps growing. Beck likes to try and “touch” every department daily to help him keep his finger on the pulse of his company. But as Diversified Consultants continues to grow, that routine is …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Mary Shores

During a recent webinar, Mary Shores mentioned her “Words That Work” method that helps improve customer service at any business, but also helps collectors in their conversations when on the job. Almost immediately, she received a multitude of requests for copies of the plan, Shores, a second-generation collector, has a …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Greg Ruffino

Greg Ruffino has advanced quickly in his four years at Williams & Fudge, to his current role of director of training. It’s a far cry from his days as a soccer coach and working in the restaurant business. Ruffino has a deep respect for the culture and the leadership team …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Brett Soldevila

Brett Soldevila came to the ARM industry nearly five years ago with somewhat of a singular purpose: to help Security Credit Services become a certified company by DBA International (now the Receivables Management Association). Nearly five years later, Soldevila is a board member for RMA and one of the industry’s …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Judd Peak

If not for having a friend in a running club, Judd Peak may never have made it to the collections industry. A recommendation from a friend, who was a member of a running club with George Buck, the former president of Frost-Arnett Company, helped transition Peak from a private practice …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Daniel Rohrs

Daniel Rohrs is an unabashed apologist … for the game of baseball. And he’s also a big proponent of change in the collections industry. Rohrs spotlights numerous issues in how the industry is regulated and how that has spawned an industry for attorneys who are making very good livings out of …

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Member Profile: Getting To Know Dave Cherner

Dave Cherner has been involved on most sides of the ARM industry during his career. Having spent time working at ACA International, a collection agency, and now in the creditors’ remedies and bankruptcy practice group at a law firm, Cherner has a unique perspective on compliance and risk mitigation. That perspective …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Tim Collins

Tim Collins is one of the most respected compliance experts in the ARM industry. Frequently sought after by anyone with a compliance-related question, Collins has a way of talking about compliance that makes it seem less complicated than it really is. It’s because he knows the subject matter so well, …

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