How Much Consumers Can Afford to Pay, in an Emergency

About half of the population is concerned about being able to pay for an unexpected medical expense of less than $1,000, and 37% of individuals are very or somewhat concerned that they will be unable to pay for medical care next year, according to the results of a survey released …

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Long on Problems, Short on Solutions

As I have gotten older and lazier, I have come to adopt a saying that I think is very wise, especially for someone like me — don’t bring me a problem, bring me a solution. I was reminded of that clever saying as I read yet another article spotlighting another …

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Congress Announces Consensus to End Surprise Medical Bills

Members of both parties and in both chambers of Congress have reached a consensus on a bill that aims to protect patients from receiving surprise medical bills by prohibiting hospitals and healthcare providers from charging fees that a patient’s insurance will not cover and preventing patients from being billed when …

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