Washington State Enacts Law Limiting Balance Billing

A new law has gone into effect in Washington that will prevent healthcare organizations from sending surprise medical bills to individuals who receive emergency care or other services at hospitals or facilities where they have insurance coverage. Surprise billing occurs when a patient receives treatment from a physician who is …

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Report Calls on Hospital Assoc. to Establish Billing Guidelines

After months of publishing reports about the collection practices at different hospital groups across the country and assailing those organizations for filing lawsuits in attempts to collect on unpaid debts, a published report has turned its sights higher up the food chain and is wondering why the American Hospital Association …

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Doctors Who Can Surprise Bill Charge More: Report

The types of doctors who can “surprise bill” meaning they are likely an out-of-network provider who is performing an emergency treatment or procedure on a patient — such as an anesthesiologist or emergency room doctor — charge a lot more when a patient does not have the required health insurance, …

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