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Industry Pros Look Back on 2019

What will you remember about 2019? That was the question I put to a number of industry experts and professionals yesterday, asking them to share their thoughts about the trend or issue that had the greatest impact on the industry during the past 12 months. Here are how those individuals …

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The Issues and Trends That Shaped 2019

There was a lot that happened in the credit and collection industry during 2019. has published more than 1,400 articles since New Year’s Day 364 days ago, and while some of them were less-than-awesome (anyone remember this gem), there were a lot of important developments that impacted the industry. …

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The Changing Financial Patterns of Younger Americans

There appears to be a generational gap in dealing with debt that is disproportionately affecting younger people in the United States. The nuances and idiosyncrasies of collecting from individuals in different generations has been something that has been addressed on multiple fronts on this website in the past, and that …

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Former Agency Owner, ACA President, Passes Away

Leon Snyder, a former president of ACA International who founded Credit Adjustment Bureau of Baltimore, passed away on Nov. 25. He was 95. Snyder, who worked until he was 82 according to an obituary, founded the agency out of his home in 1958 with his wife, Beatrice, after spending time …

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