CFPB Report Spotlights Issues for Rural Communities

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau yesterday released a report spotlighting the financial challenges facing individuals living in rural communities, representing about 14% of the total population of the United States, are far more likely to conduct their banking in person than they are over the phone or online even though …

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Consumers Share Financial Regrets, Details about Credit Card Debt

Defaulting on payments and ending up in debt collection is the fourth-most popular regret among consumers with respect to their financial situations, according to the results of a poll commissioned by TrueAccord, which it released earlier this week. The poll also revealed that Americans are carrying about $3,000 worth of …

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Trying to Read the Tax Season Tea Leaves

Income tax season is not just a boon for companies in the accounts receivable management industry; it’s also usually a bonus for consumers, too. This year, though, could be different, thanks to a variety of economic and pandemic-related factors that may make tax returns less bountiful than usual. A report …

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