Report Breaks Down Who is Carrying Unpaid Medical Debts

The number of individuals across the country with past-due medical debts has remained the same since 2015, despite an increase in cost-sharing with employers, according to research that was published by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. The Data: Roughly 22% of adults had a past-due medical debt in 2021, compared …

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Data Offers Insights Into Collecting From Millennials

Nearly three-quarters of Millennials are carrying non-mortgage debt, with the average member of that generation owing $117,000, according to the results of a recently released survey. Driving the News: Two-thirds of Millennials are carrying credit card debt, following by student loans (48%), personal loans (42%), medical debt (42%), and auto …

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CFPB Examines Debt Issues for People Living in Appalachia


Individuals living in the 13 states that make up the Appalachian region are more likely to have medical debt than individuals living in the rest of the United States and those with medical debts have double the delinquency rates on other credit products, according to a research report issued yesterday …

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Rising Utility Debts Causing More Problems for Consumers

Companies in the accounts receivable management industry that collect on unpaid utility debts should be preparing for a “tsunami of shutoffs” and those that do not collect this type of debt may want to consider doing so, following a series of published reports that spotlight just how many people are …

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