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Daily Digest – October 22. Louisiana Sends Out 1.2 Million Letter To Collect $444 Million; ACLU Sues Mississippi City For Jailing Debtors

Some quick links to start your Thursday. McDonald’s is testing selling Monster-brand energy drinks in some of its stores … Banks are going to spend more money on technology next year, especially in the area of data and information security … Subway is going to have measuring devices on hand to ensure the length of it’s foot-long …

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Daily Digest – October 19. Unpaid School Lunches Causing Collection Problems; Federal Government at Odds Over Autodialers

Some quick links to start your Monday. A ‘Goodfella’ is going on on trial for a heist from 35 years ago … Whether McDonald’s launching all-day breakfast is a success or not appears to be in dispute … Flight attendants and farmers are just two jobs that could be obsolete soon … Netflix hopes there is a market …

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Daily Digest – October 16. Six Ways To Reform Collections Industry; CFPB Needs More Leadership

Some quick links to start your Friday. Bank of America is pushing auto loans to borrowers with higher credit scores … The Dodge Viper is being phased out … Banks are having a hard time finding experts in cyber security … Daily fantasy sports may be in trouble … Things that separate good bosses from great bosses … How to protect …

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Daily Digest – October 14. Connecticut Town Shares Agency Bids; Money Matters More Than Justice To Private Corrections Company

Some quick links to start your Wednesday. Consumer confidence continues to rise … Nordstrom is planning to hire 12,000 workers for the holiday season … I didn’t watch a second of it, but this report said Hilary Clinton dominated last night’s Democratic presidential candidate debate … This article says Bernie Sanders won, at least on Twitter … …

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Daily Digest – October 13. Calif. Governor Signs Debt Buying Bill Into Law; Why CFPB Might Not Be Helping Consumers

Some quick links to start your Tuesday. Auction prices for cars and trucks continue to move in different directions … They’re going to make a movie about the Volkswagen clean diesel scandal … An argument against college football … Getting out of debt is a top priority for millennials … This is truly the end of an era … How to grow …

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Daily Digest – October 9. Woman Suing Collection Agency For Two Calls To Cell Phone; FCC Affirms Changes to TCPA

Some quick links to start your Friday. Who is going to be the next Speaker of the House? … People are calling for a full investigation following a data breach at Experian that exposed the personal information of 15 million T-Mobile customers … Netflix is raising its prices … Why people in Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia get …

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