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Daily Digest – August 26. Working Longer Hours Scientifically Proven To Be Bad For You; Report Analyzes Debt From Consumer, Lender Perspectives

Some quick links to start your Wednesday. People who work more than 55 hours a week have a significantly higher chance of strokes and coronary heart disease than those who work less than 40 hours, according to a new scientific study … The 80/20 rule of time management: stop wasting your time … …

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Daily Digest – August 11. PRA, Asta Announce Earnings; How Collection Agencies Profit From Suspended Driver’s Licenses

Some quick links to start your Tuesday. Santander Consumer USA is in hot water for over-charging consumers for car loans … Credit unions are taking a bigger share of mortgage and auto loan originations, according to a new study from TransUnion … Google is reorganizing itself … Tesla is losing $4,000 on each model …

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