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Daily Digest – September 24. Collection Agency Closing Office; Consumer Spending Continues To Rise

Some quick links to start your Thursday. How to dominate poker night … The CEO of Volkswagen resigned over the company’s diesel emissions scandal … Hackers stole the fingerprints of 5.6 million government employees … Fortune ranked the 40 most influential business people under 40 … What you say matters more than how you say it … …

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Daily Digest – September 23. BofA Files Bitcoin Wire Transfer Patent Application; Debt Collections Help Buffalo To Low Unemployment Rate

Some quick links to start your Wednesday. The Center for Responsible Lending has weighed in on the recent actions against Encore Credit and Portfolio Recovery Associates … A highway that can charge an electric car … RIP, Yogi Berra … Philadelphia is spending $12 million to cover the costs of the Pope’s visit this weekend …

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Daily Digest – September 22. DC AG Files Lawsuit Against Debt Buyer; Collection Agency Gets Exposed on TV

Some quick links to start your Tuesday. Collection agency Taylor, Ricci & Associates launched a Facebook page … This is just nuts … Apple planning to launch an electric car … Personally, this story is getting out of hand … The most powerful women in banking … Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker suspended his presidential campaign and called for Republican …

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Daily Digest – September 17. Florida County To Stop Throwing Debtors in Jail; DECA Financial Owner Indicted

Some quick links to start your Thursday. The key to happiness at work is free snacks … The best lines from last night’s Republican presidential candidate debate … Three times as many Americans were the victims of card data breaches in 2014 compared with a year earlier … Will the Fed raise interest rates later today? Stay tuned … …

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Daily Digest – September 15. Audit Reveals Low Collection Rate; ACA Touts Declining Complaint Numbers

Some quick links to start your Tuesday. The most overvalued housing markets in the U.S. … Intel pledges to keep cars safe from hackers … Why banks are pushing hard into Bitcoin and digital currency … All eyes are on the Federal Reserve Board … A review of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS9 … Is this really a thing? … …

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Daily Digest – September 14. Judge Strikes Down Garnishment Law; Calif. Legislature Passes Bill Giving Consumers Second Chance on Lawsuits

Some quick links to start your Monday. Self-driving cars could be everywhere by 2020 … How to work best with the CFPB … Near-perfect computer security may be closer than we thought … The most popular “new” baby names in the U.S. … Why the Federal Reserve Board should raise rates this week … How to transform your life in …

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