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Daily Digest – January 21. Defense Did Not Waive Arbitration Rights by Answering Suit; Plaintiff Sues Over Payment Receipt Sent to Someone Else

DEFENSE DID NOT WAIVE ARBITRATION RIGHTS BY ANSWERING FDCPA SUIT, JUDGE SAYS A District Court judge in Illinois has ruled that a group of defendants did not waive their right to compel arbitration because they spent four months defending themselves against a lawsuit that alleged they violated the Fair Debt …

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Daily Digest – January 13. Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in TCPA Collection Case; Report Accuses Medical Collectors of Suing When They Shouldn’t

SUPREME COURT TO HEAR ARGUMENTS IN TCPA COLLECTION CASE The Supreme Court on Friday announced it had granted a petition from the U.S. government to hear arguments in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act case regarding an exemption that allows companies collecting debts on behalf of the federal government to contact …

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Daily Digest – January 10. Calif. to Create Own CFPB; Judge Certifies Class in FDCPA Suit, But Limits Participation

CALIFORNIA TO CREATE OWN CFPB; REPORTS SPECIFICALLY MENTION DEBT COLLECTION OVERSIGHT Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, is expected to announce a proposal today that would create a state-version of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in The Golden State, joining a growing number of other states that are ramping up …

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Daily Digest – January 7. Plaintiff Files FDCPA Class Action Over Allegedly Conflicting Statements; New Yorkers are Most Financially Stressed

PLAINTIFF FILES FDCPA CLASS ACTION OVER ALLEGEDLY CONFLICTING STATEMENTS IN SUMMONS, AFFIDAVIT A consumer is alleging the purchaser of a defaulted credit card account and the law firm it hired to file a lawsuit against the consumer to collect on the unpaid debt violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act …

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