Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Arguments in ATDS Case

The Supreme Court today granted a petition to hear arguments in Duguid v. Facebook, a case that will seek to settle once and for all how an automated telephone dialing system is defined under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The decision comes just three days after the Supreme Court ruled …

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Judge Approves $6.8M TCPA Settlement With Collector

A District Court judge in California has approved a plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary settlement in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act case which will see a collection agency pay $6.8 million in cash and debt forgiveness after making calls using an artificial or pre-recorded voice or an automatic telephone dialing …

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Reaction to Supreme Court TCPA Decision

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision in Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants likely caught nobody by surprise. While there were some who thought the Court would toss the entire Telephone Consumer Protection Act, most prognosticators predicted that the Court would do exactly what it did — excise the federal debt …

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