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Schumer Plans Leglsiation To Block Robocalls

Sen. Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.] is planning to introduce legislation in the Senate that would require telephone service providers offer robo-call blocking technology to all of their customers. Called the Repeated Objectionable Bothering of Consumers on Phones, or ROBOCOP Act, Schumer’s bill mirrors similar legislation that was introduced earlier this year in the …

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Lawyers Discuss Moving Target of TCPA Compliance

Complying with, and trying not to get sued for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act continues to be a moving target, but one where the bullseye is only getting bigger and bigger for consumers and plaintiffs attorneys, a trio of experts said during a webinar today. Next month will mark …

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FCC Files Brief In Support of Changes to TCPA

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday filed its brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, responding to a lawsuit filed against the agency by ACA International, which is seeking to overturn changes made to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The brief, at 110 pages, covers …

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New Experian Product Aims To Improve Contact Rates, Compliance

It has never been more important for collectors to be sure the phone numbers they are dialing belong to the individuals they are looking to communicate with, so Experian has released a product that aims to help agencies be more productive and efficient while also helping with their risk management and …

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ACA International Launches TCPA Resource Page

ACA International has launched a page on its website dedicated to all things related to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The page includes news articles related to the TCPA, legal and regulatory updates, materials to help understand and comply with the law, and updates about ACA International’s lawsuit against the …

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Legal Experts See Spike In TCPA Lawsuits on Horizon

It’s been two months since the Federal Communications Commission amended the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and in that time, the number of lawsuits filed against collection agencies has remained virtually the same as the period before the law was changed. Was the industry overreacting to the expectation that there would …

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Credit Unions Voice Opposition to TCPA Changes

The trade group representing credit unions yesterday submitted a letter to its primary regulator voicing its concerns surrounding the Federal Communication Commission‘s changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The letter spells out many of the same concerns that have been voiced by other participants in the financial services industry, …

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