Webinar Recording Offers Analysis of Marks v. Crunch on ARM Industry

Thursday’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act ruling in Marks v. Crunch San Diego is still reverberating through the collections industry as agency executives rush to figure out what is and what is not allowed, as it relates to using an automated telephone dialing system to contact individuals with unpaid debts. David …

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Judge Rules Defendant Should Have Taken Plaintiff’s Cancer Diagnosis Into Account When Calling About Unpaid Car Loan

A federal judge in New York has denied a motion for summary judgment filed by a defendant in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act lawsuit, ruling that the claim survives the death of the plaintiff and that the defendant’s knowledge of the plaintiff’s diagnosis of terminal cancer potentially caused an intentional infliction …

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RCM Group Lobbies FCC For Updates to TCPA

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management is renewing its push to get the Federal Communications Commission to grant a petition that was filed more than two years ago to update the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to widen the types of companies that are covered under the law. A copy of …

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Judge Grants Summary Judgment in TCPA Case

As pointed out by, a District Court in the Northern District of Alabama has granted summary judgment in favor of a plaintiff alleging that a mortgage servicer violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using a predictive dialer to make automated calls to the plaintiff. What is significant about …

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