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More Than 100 Democrats Send Letters To CFPB Praising Arbitration Rule

More than 100 Democratic members of Congress, including 35 Senators, sent letters to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau yesterday supporting the agency’s proposal to ban mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer lending. Two letters were sent to the CFPB, one from the House of Representatives and one from the Senate. There is no question that the …

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CFPB Proposes Adding Satisfaction Survey To Complaint Process


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has published a proposal that would make changes to the complaint-filing process for consumers and companies who are the subject of complaints. Individuals or companies that wish to file a comment on the proposal must do so before Sept. 30. The proposal was published in the …

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Field Hearing Attendees Share Their Thoughts and Experiences

Weary eyed from trying to digest a 117-page series of proposals that would affect virtually all parts of their business which were released only 11 hours earlier, dozens of industry professionals stood up in front of senior leadership from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last Thursday and shared the common …

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Summarizing CFPB Contact & Communication Proposals

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has categorized the outline of proposals into three main sections: the integrity of the information, communication practices, and consumer understanding. AccountsRecovery.net will provide summaries of each section. COLLECTOR COMMUNICATION PRACTICES The CFPB would allow collectors to leave a voicemail message for an individual, as long as …

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LIVE BLOG: CFPB Field Hearing

[2:06pm] – And we’re off and running. [2:06pm] – John McNamara is going to be speaking. Woo hoo! [2:08pm] – CFPB Director Richard Cordray is now at the podium. [2:12pm] Cordray: Some people just put their head in the sand to avoid payment. [2:14pm] Today, we’re considering proposals that would …

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