Bedard Breaks Down Sending MVN in Other Languages

America is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. And that means that a lot of the people living here in the United States came from places where English wasn’t the primary language that was spoken. Take me, for instance. Being Canadian, it took a lot for me to learn …

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Bank Settles Collection Call Lawsuit for $3.5M

A coalition of District Attorneys from across the state of California have reached a settlement with Synchrony Bank that will see the creditor pay $3.5 million in fines and restitution after it was sued for making “unreasonably frequent and harassing” phone calls to individuals in California attempting to collect on …

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CFPB Goes After Repeat Offender for Scamming Military Families

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Friday announced it had filed a lawsuit against a national chain of pawnshops, accusing it of violating the Military Lending Act (MLA) by imposing interest rates that were higher than allowed by law, including provisions requiring mandatory arbitration — also prohibited, and for not …

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