Behind the Curtain

Matt Maloney on the Importance of Being Curious

FFAM360’s Matt Maloney may have been born into the accounts receivable management industry, but he’s not stuck in the past when it comes to collecting debts. Investments in technology and understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with smart people have helped Maloney grow FFAM360 into an operation with six different …

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Tim Collins on Challenging the Status Quo

Being curious and wanting to learn new things is exciting and challenging. But Tim Collins has never been satisfied with just doing something challenging. He wants to go beyond. And the next step beyond learning is questioning, meaning — if you think you know something, what if you were wrong? …

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Prodigal’s Shantanu Gangal Talks About How Quiet Quitting and Inflation Have Changed the ARM Industry, Possibly Forever

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the accounts receivable management industry to face new realities, especially when looking at all of the factors influencing the performance of a collection operation, from contact rates to staffing concerns to the impact that inflation and a possible recession might have on …

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Behind the Curtain: Gordon Beck

In partnership with Michael Lamm and the team at Corporate Advisory Solutions, is thrilled to launch a new video series, “Behind the Curtain.” The objective of the series is to engage in discussions with leaders of the accounts receivable management industry to learn more about their origin story, their …

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