Caption Contest


February 2023

It’s no wonder, with the weight of all the regulations on their shoulders!
Submitted by: Donna Erickson

January 2023

Honey, get a bag. Mr. CFPB just dropped another bomb!
Submitted by: Deborah Collins

December 2022

Pets have unionized and convinced the CFPB that a new category of debt should exist.. now they can collect on treats and cuddles!
Submitted by: Elizabeth Schultz

November 2022

I can’t believe they found me. It is a debt collection letter saying I owe $314.15 for the colonoscopy procedure done 2 years ago. I had insurance!
Submitted by: Alice Ludwig

October 2022

CFPB Representative to FTC rep whispers: “If Dave over there manages to find gold with that thing, we will need to find a way to call him a financial institution, start brainstorming”
Submitted by: Elizabeth Schultz

September 2022

“Honey, what is going on here?!!” This is what it looks like for consumers now receiving separate, invoice level, MVN’s on their accounts.
Submitted by: Alice Ludwig

August 2022

CFPB executives discussing ideas for the perfect trap for debt collectors.
Submitted by: Alice Ludwig

July 2022

If you read the fine print of Reg F, the CFPB is now so powerful they can regulate US airspace… anyway, are you going to eat those peanuts?
Submitted by: Elizabeth Schultz

June 2022

Collectors, run for your lives!!! The CFPB is coming, the CFPB is coming.
Submitted by: Tiffany Elgin

May 2022

Walking on eggshells around the CFPB, again, Mr. Collector?
Submitted by: Amy Mitchell

April 2022

Now to bury this Hunstein Crap once and for all….
Submitted by: Pamela Roberts

March 2022

Charlie has waited all his life for this day – the price of Pork set to skyrocket in 2022!
Submitted by: Melinda Phelan

February 2022

The “Reg F” Escape Button
Submitted by: Melinda Phelan

January 2022

Before we continue, let me advise you that this is an attempt to collect a debt……
Submitted by: Jeff Chambers

December 2021

“Sooooooooooo, I see you decided not to use the MVN.”
Submitted by: Sharn Fuller

November 2021

“Richard Cordray and Elizabeth Warren are here to see you.”
Submitted by: David Warshaw
“Honey, please STOP! I don’t think the new 7-and-7 is a cocktail.”
Submitted by: Rick Paulin