In Case I Forget to Tell You Later, I Had a Really Good Time at ARMTech

I was talking with my son Evan this morning and I told him that, five days from now, ARMTech will be over and it feels kind of like the days leading up to Christmas, where you spend all this time planning and preparing, and then it’s done and life goes back to the way it was. For me, ARMTech is very much like Christmas. I am so excited for it to be here and can’t wait. Today is the last day I get to talk about the event in the future tense. This weekend, nearly 300 industry professionals will descend on Nashville in the hopes of learning more about how to use technology to collect more efficiently, and then go back to their offices, and it will be all over. I wanted to take a quick second and thank everyone who has helped me get to this point.

I would love to name names, but I am terrified that if I do that, I will leave people out. There are so many people who have been there as sounding boards, feedback providers, motivators, and problem solvers. I would not be at this point without all the help and support that I have received. From the people who were there a year ago when I floated this idea to those who have helped me along the way, know that your support has meant the world to me.

My expectations for ARMTech have been blown away. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have nearly 40 exhibitors and so many attendees. To everyone who is coming to Nashville, if I don’t get the chance to thank you in person, let me do it here. Thank you for taking the chance and signing up. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for investing your time and money in this opportunity. I don’t take that lightly. My worst fear is that people will come to ARMTech and not find it to be a worthwhile use of their time. My goal with everything I do is to help be the rising tide that lifts all boats. I joke that nobody has ever signed up for a webinar or any of my events to hear me talk, and I am completely fine with that. My objective is to provide a platform to the people who are the experts in this field so they can share their knowledge and wisdom. ARMTech is my most ambitious attempt yet to do that.

If you are coming to ARMTech, I can’t wait to see you. If you aren’t coming to ARMTech, there is still time to register. Otherwise, the recordings from each session will be available for purchase after the event and I hope to see you next year.

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