Inovatec, Clik2pay Partner to Make Collecting Debts Simpler

Inovatec and Clik2pay have announced an integration that will allow Inovatec’s clients to request payment from consumers using Clik2pay’s direct-from-account platform, making it easier for lenders to collect on unpaid debts from consumers, the two companies announced.

Lenders will be able to communicate with consumers via email and collect payments director from their bank accounts, which are automatically reconciled on Inovatec’s platform. When working through collection agents, agents can send a text message to a consumer that includes a link to a payment portal where the consumer can make the payment from his or her account.

The objective of the partnership is to reduce the friction for consumers making payments and to simplify the collection and payment process as much as possible.

“We are genuinely excited about this integration,” said Bob Metodiev, head of business development at Inovatec Systems, in a statement. “Our lending customers can improve their collections processes by requesting payments by email, all while lowering their overall costs, automating reconciliation, and enhancing the borrower’s experience. This saves our customers time and money which is something we could all use more of.”

Clik2pay supports bill and invoice payments from customer bank accounts by text message, e-mail or QR code, and its primary business features include easy-to-use APIs, status updates, end-to-end payment tracking, real-time notifications, transaction history, and a complete settlement file.

Inovatec’s cloud-based solutions aim to help lenders close more deals, create efficiencies, better manage loans and reduce risk. The company’s technologies offer AI-powered optical character recognition, as well as the ability to better validate the identities of applicants through additional online data sources.

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