Prodigal’s Shantanu Gangal Talks About How Quiet Quitting and Inflation Have Changed the ARM Industry, Possibly Forever

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the accounts receivable management industry to face new realities, especially when looking at all of the factors influencing the performance of a collection operation, from contact rates to staffing concerns to the impact that inflation and a possible recession might have on consumers, noted Shantanu Gangal, the chief executive of Prodigal and the latest industry professional to go Behind the Curtain with Mike Gibb and Michael Lamm of Corporate Advisory Solutions.

In separate videos, Gangal talks about how his career in data science led him to the ARM industry and how his focus at Prodigal is helping solve his customers’ problems.

“The industry has so many gems of personalities who will make time to coach you, teach you, and pass on their wisdom to you for next to nothing,” he said. “I was very lucky to find people I did not know who took time to explain things to me and be mentors. Talking to those 20, 40, 50 people was extremely enlightening and it’s important to select people across tenure, and across seniority levels.”

In partnership with Lamm and the team at Corporate Advisory Solutions, is thrilled to publish the latest interview in the “Behind the Curtain” series. The objective of the series is to engage in discussions with leaders of the accounts receivable management industry to learn more about their origin story, their view of the industry today, and their vision for how the industry is going to change in the future.

A new Behind the Curtain is released every two weeks. If you know someone who would make for a good candidate, please email me.

Each video is broken down into six parts, to make it easier to watch. Enjoy!

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