Scott Purcell Talks About Helping Collectors Build a Better ‘Mousetrap’

Collection operations these days are getting advanced degrees in statistical analysis and behavioral sciences, and those disciplines are paying off as agencies make investments in technology and ratchet up the methodical and experimentative sides of their operations, said Scott Purcell, the chief executive of ACA International during the latest episode of “Behind the Curtain.”

Purcell also talked about the consolidation of agencies within the collection industry and the impact it will have, and “some of the really bad ideas” coming from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the unintended consequences that those ideas are having on the lives of consumers.

Sharing his views during an interview with Michael Lamm of Corporate Advisory Solutions and Mike Gibb of as part of the “Behind the Curtain” series, Purcell talked about the quest to find the perfect debt collection mousetrap. Here is the first of six short videos from the interview with Purcell.

The other videos in this series, as well as videos from other participants can be viewed by clicking here.

In partnership with Lamm and the team at Corporate Advisory Solutions, is thrilled to publish the latest interview in the “Behind the Curtain” series. The objective of the series is to engage in discussions with leaders of the accounts receivable management industry to learn more about their origin story, their view of the industry today, and their vision for how the industry is going to change in the future.

Purcell took over as CEO of ACA International last year, after spending 11 years as President of Professional Credit in Oregon.

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Each video is broken down into six parts, to make it easier to watch. Enjoy!

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