How You Can Help Survivors of Human Trafficking

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was submitted by Yale Levy, from Levy & Associates. He asked me to share it with my audience.

Friends, Colleagues, Clients, Vendors, and others:

A friend of mine contacted me this week asking if my office had any old laptops that were no longer used to provide to victims of human trafficking. I inquired why and my friend told me that survivors of human trafficking often leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs, with little if any education or money. As a result, these victims cannot afford to purchase a laptop or Chromebook to get on the Internet to apply for jobs and even have an email address to provide prospective employers to contact them at. As you can imagine, making obtaining a job almost impossible.

I did not know if we had any but of course told her I would ask and get back to her. Low and behold we had three old laptops on a shelf in the back of our IT room. Our IT person spent less than an hour wiping them, and the result was three perfectly good devices to get on the Internet and to send and receive emails.

Well, this small success made me think. I am sure all of you, like me, have old laptops sitting around gathering dust that no one knows what to do with them. Well, those old laptops can change the life of a human trafficking survivor.

My call to action to all of you is to forward this email to your IT department to see if they have and laptops that were not being needed and if they have any ask them to reset the laptops back to its factory settings and send them to my office @ Levy & Associates, LLC, 2489 Stelzer Road, Ste 100, Columbus, OH 43219, and I will make sure that they are put to good use.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Of course, if you would like a receipt for tax deduction purposes, please let me know and I am sure my friend’s organization would be happy to mail you the necessary documentation.

Thank you.

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