Mike Frost and Chad Echols Form New Law Firm

Mike Frost, formerly the Managing Partner at Malone Frost Martin PLLC (MFM), and  Chad Echols, owner of The Echols Firm, LLC have joined forces creating a new firm, Frost Echols LLC. This boutique law firm, with a nationwide presence will open October 1, 2022. 

Frost and Echols, with a strong team of attorneys, will continue their national representation of the accounts receivable management industry, providing litigation defense, risk management, compliance advice, counseling, virtual general counsel services, and regulatory representation.  

Three other attorneys from MFM will join Frost Echols: Cooper Walker, Chelsey Pankratz, and Khari Ferrell. Paralegals Lucas Peterson and Valerie Pike and legal administrator Chelsey Wren from MFM have also joined Frost Echols. 

The Echols Firm attorneys Marissa Coyle, Jenna Williams, and David Grassi, Jr. as well as paralegals Salley Odom and Amie Temple will also be joining Frost Echols. 

Echols is the founding attorney of The Echols Firm, LLC formed in 2011 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The practice focuses on defending the credit and collection industry, emphasizing creditor’s rights and strong compliance policies. 

“I have known Mike for a long time. He and I have discussed working together over the years. I am proud to be forming a law firm that will combine our experience along with the talents of the entire Frost Echols’ team. I have every confidence our clients will enjoy efficient and effective legal work that intimately understands the operational needs of businesses working in the credit and collection space. We have both developed and appreciate loyal client relationships. I am thankful to combine our experience to best support and defend every Frost Echols’ client.” 

With 20 years of industry experience, Frost will continue advising clients on a variety of business, regulatory and legal matters along with serving as virtual General Counsel for various clients. 

Frost expressed that “our clients require representation in multiple jurisdictions, so joining with Chad, building our collective national platform, providing high caliber litigators, and offering comprehensive financial services capabilities makes Frost Echols, LLC an exciting opportunity for us and our clients.” Frost continued, “we are thrilled to create a firm that brings vast experience, shares similar values, and  focuses on firm culture.”  

Frost Echols has offices in Rock Hill, SC; Cedar Falls, IA; Dallas, TX; and Jacksonville, FL. Frost Echols now has eight attorneys in its four office locations and deep associations throughout the U.S. that allows for nationwide representation. 

The firm represents creditors, law firms, and agencies against individual and class action allegations invoking federal and state consumer protection laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The firm also advises on matters related to compliance in the credit and collection industry, including review, implementation and auditing of policies and procedures, especially in adherence with governmental regulatory bodies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Please contact Mike Frost or Chad Echols with any questions regarding this announcement, or the firm transition.

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