Malone Frost Martin Changes Name, Now Known as Martin Lyon Watts Morgan

Malone Frost Martin PLLC is excited to announce that it has changed its name to now be known as Martin Lyons Watts Morgan PLLC.  The firm announced the name change to recognize the efforts and leadership of partners Loraine Lyons, Xerxes Martin, Porter Heath Morgan, and Patrick Watts.

Partners Xerxes Martin and Patrick Watts have led the litigation team over the years and have recently argued and won the seminal appellate cases of DeGroot v. Client Services, Inc., Persinger v. Southwest Credit Systems, LP, Perez v. MVBA LLC, and Magdy v. I.C. System, Inc., in various jurisdictions across the country.  They will continue leading the firm’s litigation team to help shape the body of law and protect the accounts receivables industry and with the firm’s representation of clients nationwide. 

Partners Loraine Lyons and Porter Heath Morgan have over 50 years of combined in-house compliance experience and will lead our compliance department with a focus on serving our clients with their compliance and leadership initiatives.  Lyons and Morgan both serve as general counsel and advisors to numerous clients including collection agencies, collection law firms, debt buyers, financial service companies, fintech companies, healthcare providers, and technology companies.

The name change is important to recognize the experience, impact, and service the partners bring our clients as well as their leadership to the firm.  It is also important to recognize our founder Robbie Malone.  The firm is thankful to our founder Robbie Malone for her inspiration and leadership and will continue to honor her commitment to serving clients through zealous advocacy.  The firm will also continue to support the ACA International Educational Foundation Robbie Malone Scholarship established last year for her legacy. 

The firm is excited to continue to partner and serve our clients with their compliance, litigation, and leadership initiatives.  For more information about the firm and its services, please contact Xerxes Martin at or 214.346.2628 or Heath Morgan at or 303.882.9329.

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