How to Make Your Company Attractive to Generation Z

By the end of this decade, the number of members of Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) who enter the workforce is going to more than triple in size, and will account for 30% of total employment. The behaviors and expectations of those individuals is a lot different than the generations that came before it, and companies who want to be successful need to understand how to make themselves attractive to those Zoomers. Where previous generations cared most about a paycheck, members of Generation Z care more about job flexibility, health and wellness initiatives, and doing meaningful work. And they are not afraid to hop from job to job to find what they are looking for, according to a published report.

Older workers may look at members of Gen Z and label them as entitled or lazy, but it’s important to remember that many of them were forced to get their education, find internships and jobs, and form their first work friendships, during a pandemic. That experience impacted how they view the role that a job plays in someone’s life and how that job needs to get done.

To be attractive to Gen Z when hiring, the report offers a few tips:

  • Consider flexible work options that allow employees to choose the schedules and work locations that make the most sense for them
  • Share what matters to you as a company and how you are making investments in your culture
  • Avoid the requirement that entry-level employees need “years” of experience
  • Promote opportunities for employees to obtain additional training, learning experiences, professional development, and mentorship
  • Highlight your diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Gen Z want to know that their bosses are ethical and that their work will have a positive impact on the world

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