Do You Really Know How Your Employees Are Doing?

C-level executives are dramatically underestimating how much their employees are struggling with their well-being, which is perhaps insightful, because a significant majority of C-level execs revealed they would seriously consider resigning for a job that better supports their mental and physical welfare, according to the results of a poll released this week by Deloitte.

When asked about their employees’ physical well-being, mental well-being, social well-being, and financial well-being, C-level executives estimated that at least 80% of their employees said those areas were either “excellent” or “good.” In fact, when those employees were asked the same question, 65% said their physical well-being was “excellent” or “good,” 59% said so for their mental well-being, 51% chose one of those two options for the social well-being, and only 40% said their financial well-being was in good shape.

More than three-quarters of the executives who were surveyed said their health had been negatively affected by the pandemic and 81% said improving their overall mental and physical state was more important than advancing their careers.

Some good news from the survey — executives are taking steps to try and help their well-being, as well as that of their employees. Twenty percent of executives have banned after-hours emailing, 27% are offering employees a bonus if they take time off, 35% are requiring employees to take breaks during the day, and 40% are requiring employees to take time off at certain times of the year.

Another disconnect between employees and their bosses centers around support during the pandemic. Ninety percent of C-level execs say they recognize how challenging the pandemic has on their employees, but only 47% of workers believe their bosses truly understand the challenges that employees have faced. Only 56% of employees said they believe their company’s executives care about their well-being.

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